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Boyceville High School Science Olympiad finishes 18th overall at Wright State Invite in Dayton, OH; MS 29th overall

Dayton, OH – The Boyceville MS & HS Science Olympiad teams participated this past weekend in the Wright State University Science Olympiad Invitational in Dayton, OH with the high school varsity team finishing 18th  out of 60 teams (JV finishing 33rd) and the middle school team finishing in 29th place overall out of 58 teams. 

Fourteen different states were represented at this tournament, including Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, New York, Tennessee, Kentucky, Texas, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina, Minnesota, and Georgia, and the defending national champion teams from Solon MS & HS were also in attendance.  Other historically strong teams who participated included Centerville (OH), JC Booth MS (GA), Liberal Arts and Science Academy (TX), Bloomington South (IN), Adlai Stevenson (MI), Kellenberg Memorial HS (NY), Northridge (IN), Whiting (IN), Russell Independent (KY), Friendship Christian HS & MS (TN), Mentor (OH), Harriton (PA), Shady Side Academy (PA), and Mounds View (MN).

The team departed by coach bus for Dayton, Ohio on Thursday evening, and the bus traveled through the night before arriving at The Ohio State University in Columbus, OH on Friday morning.  Friday was spent participating in official campus tours of Ohio State University as well as Wright State University in preparation for competition for Saturday.  The awards ceremony was also held in the Nutter Center, and Boyceville HS & MS were assigned to the front row of the gymnasium, immediately before the stage.

Earning tournament championship gold medals at this prestigious tournament were eighth grader Max Engel and seventh grader Rian Corr in both Helicopters and Mousetrap Vehicle.  Seniors Zach Klassen and Matthew Wathke earned a silver medal in Maglev while juniors Nick Wathke and Tanner Johnson-Hetchler earned a bronze medal in Maglev to round out the medals for Boyceville.

Ribbons were awarded to teams who placed fourth through eighth in events, and fourth place ribbons were earned by Klassen and junior Ian Kane in Elastic Launch Glider and Gravity Vehicle, and sophomores Lauren Klassen and Nolan Windsor in Green Generation.  A fifth place ribbon was earned by eighth graders Erica Sempf and Abby Kegan in Write It, Do It, and a seventh place ribbon was earned by junior Peter Duerst and Kane in Robot Arm.  Also placing in the top ten out of 60 teams were senior Matt Leach and freshman Noah Edlin in Gravity Vehicle, Corr and Engel in Rotor Egg Drop, Corr and seventh grader Casey Owen in Boomilever, and freshmen Alex Kapsner and Lee Oemig in Geologic Mapping.

“Our students did outstanding and I am very proud of all of the hard work and dedication put forth by Boyceville students” said Boyceville HS & MS Science Olympiad head coach Andy Hamm.  “The level of competition here was second to none and we have never encountered such a deep tournament.  This tournament was even far stronger than last year’s tournament, as 15 teams teams in both the HS and MS divisions had competed at the national tournament last May.  Our students did an outstanding job of not only representing Boyceville but also Wisconsin Science Olympiad.  We were one, if not the, smallest school in the entire tournament and it is inspiring to see our students compete at such a high level with the likes of Harriton  and Centerville, who have thousands of students in their schools.”

The entire team and coaching staff would like to extend a huge thank you to all of the parents, community members, and staff members who have helped and made a trip like this possible, as well as several area businesses and individuals, including Wal-Mart, 3M, and the Hostetter Family.

Boyceville competed again at the UW-River Falls invite on Saturday, January 19, 2013.


Final High School Team Results

1. Centerville (OH) 140
2. Solon (OH) A 146
3. Seven Lakes (TX) 176
4. Solon (OH) B 196
5. Lib Arts & Science Acad (TX) 223
6. Harriton (PA) A 223
7. Mounds View (MN) 259
8. Mentor (OH) A 272
9. International Academy (MI) A 315
10. Harriton (PA) B 330
11. Adlai Stevenson (MI) 333
12. Athens Area (PA) A 385
13. Mentor (OH) B 389
14. Whiting (IN) 409
15. William Mason (OH) A 456
16. Bloomington South (IN) A 462
17. Kellenberg Memorial (NY) A 491
18. Boyceville (WI) A 530
19. Northridge (IN) A 541
20. Archbishop Alter (OH) A 585
21. Springfield (OH) A 591
22. Saline (MI) A 619
23. Northridge (IN) B 643
24. William Mason (OH) B 644
25. Clinton (SC) 644
26. Bloomington South (IN) B 715
27. New Albany (OH) A 721
28. Saline (MI) B 723
29. Pickerington Central (OH) A 748
30. Madison Central (KY) 767
31. Northmont (OH) A 778
32. International Academy (MI) B 801
33. Boyceville (WI) B 820
34. Philo (OH) A 839
35. Athens Area (PA) B 844
36. Fairborn HS (A) 865
37. Shawnee (OH) 872
38. Lehman Catholic (OH) 874
39. Lebanon (OH) 878
40. Wyoming (OH) 888
41. Northmont (OH) B 910
42. Loveland (OH) 913
43. Kellenberg Memorial (NY) B 919
44. Seven Hills (OH) A 927
45. Philo (OH) B 949
46. Pickerington Central (OH) B 965
47. Dayton Regional STEM (OH) 970
48. Friendship Christian (TN) 981
49. Fairborn (OH) B 993
50. Springfield (OH) B 993
51. New Albany (OH) B 997
52. Archbishop Alter (OH) B 1069
53. William Henry Harrison (OH) A 1071
54. Hopkinsville (KY) A 1117
55. Hopkinsville (KY) B 1137
56. Twin Valley South (OH) 1143
57. William Henry Harrison (OH) B 1145
58. Westerville Central (OH) 1162
59. Seven Hills (OH) B 1176
60. Patriot Prep Academy (OH) 1197

Final High School Team Results
1. Shady Side Academy (PA) A 170
2. Solon (OH) A 190
3. Daniel Wright JHS (IL) A 200
4. Meads Mill (MI) A 212
5. Magsig (OH) A 291
6. Watts (OH) A 328
7. Chardon (OH) 336
8. JC Booth (GA) 357
9. Daniel Wright JHS (IL) B 360
10. Solon (OH) B 382
11. Piedmont (NC) A 382
12. Meads Mill (MI) B 434
13. Friendship Christian (TN) A 462
14. New Albany (OH) A 462
15. Magsig (OH) B 495
16. Northmont (OH) A 504
17. Bearden (TN) A 523
18. Heritage JHS (MI) 533
19. Russell (KY) 559
20. Birmingham Covin. (MI) A 564
21. Tower Heights (OH) A 571
22. JC Booth (GA) B 578
23. Stanley Clark (IN) A 580
24. Watts (OH) B 584
25. Holy Angels (OH) A 596
26. Bearden (TN) B 601
27. Piedmont (NC) B 649
28. Shady Side (PA) B 652
29. Boyceville (WI) 658
30. Bell Street (SC) 677
31. Meads Mill (MI) C 692
32. New Albany (OH) B 692
33. West Liberty Salem (OH) A 726
34. Cedar Springs Group (TN) 726
35. New Richmond (OH) A 732
36. Stanley Clark (IN) B 774
37. Shawnee (OH) A 809
38. Northmont (OH) B 810
39. Tower Heights (OH) B 811
40. Loveland (OH) 844
41. Dayton Reg. STEM (OH) A 879
42. Wyoming (OH) 893
43. Highview (MN) 895
44. Shawnee (OH) B 907
45. Canal Winchester (OH) A 909
46. Birmingham Covin (MI) B 953
47. Canal Winchester (OH) B 954
48. New Richmond (OH) B 986
49. West Liberty Salem (OH) B 998
50. Bell Street (SC) B 999
51. Dayton Reg. STEM (OH) B 1017
52. Hopkinsville (KY) 1086
53. Friendship Christian (TN) B 1086
54. St. Pius X (OH) 1123
55. Holy Angels (OH) B 1149
56. Twin Valley South (OH) 1163
57. Kings JHS (OH) 1202
58. St. Mark’s Lutheran (OH) 1357