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Hilltoppers win by four over the Bulldogs

By Kelsie Hoitomt

GLENWOOD CITY — Last Friday night was the first time the Glenwood City and Boyceville boys’ basketball teams have met this season.

The game ended in the Hilltoppers’ favor as they beat the Bulldogs by a short margin of four points in a 47-43 victory.

Both teams had a fairly even performance in the first half of the game. The Hilltoppers struggled with rebounds and some opening baskets, but they were able to apply good pressure to the Bulldogs which forced them to pass the ball.

The Bulldogs passing game however is very strong and they were able to move the ball out of their hands and around the arc quickly.

With that being said, the Toppers were still able to keep a lead throughout the entire game with the score at 11-8 after the first, 20-18 at the half and 33-29 after the third.

The big plays of the game were a three point shot by Richard Ross in the first quarter and then another one by Tyler Nueske right at the buzzer. Ross then had another three pointer to end the second quarter, which gave the Toppers the lead.

In the second half of the game, the Toppers were on the board first with back to back baskets from Ross and Marcus Kadinger. Ryan Williams had the Bulldogs first basket of the second half and scored seven points in the third quarter alone. Kadinger also had a big three point shot in the third quarter.

The Bulldogs were more aggressive in the fourth quarter, which resulted in fouls and the Toppers being allowed 11 chances at the free throw line compared to the Bulldogs, who had two.

Ross again drained a three pointer early in the fourth quarter. With under a minute left to play, he was fouled three times and drained three out of five free throws.

In a last second chance to get the ball back, the Bulldogs fouled Jake Hierlmeier with 13 seconds left and he drained both of those shots to secure the lead.

The Bulldogs’ final basket was a three pointer, but that wasn’t enough to earn them the victory.

Ross had the best game of the night between the two teams as he scored 16 points from three triples, two deuces and the three free throws.

Also scoring for the Hilltoppers was Nick Mrdutt with eight points, Hierlmeier had seven points, Matt Schouten had six points, Kadinger had five points, Nueske had three points and Todd Petersen two points.

The Bulldogs top shooters were Michael Lagerstrom with 13 points from two deuces and three triples. Williams, who was playing more reserved due to having four fouls, was still able to score 12 points from five deuces and two free throws. Mitch Leach followed with ten points scored from fives deuces and Jordan Kuhn and Brady Schutts each had four points.

As a team, the Bulldogs were three for seven at the foul line, compared to the Hilltoppers who had 21 chances at the line and were successful with just 12 of those baskets.

The two teams will meet again at the Boyceville high school in February.

The Bulldogs next conference game is this Thursday in Mondovi and the Toppers play Thursday as well at home against Elmwood.