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Boyceville High School Science Olympiad finishes 4th overall, MS wins tournament for 4th straight year

BOYCEVILLE, WI – The Boyceville High School Science Olympiad team finished in 4th place overall at the 51-team Boyceville Science Olympiad Invitational Tournament, finishing as the 2nd place WI tournament in the 6th annual showdown.  Tournament championships were earned by senior Matthew Wathke & junior Peter Duerst in Remote Sensing and Radio Lab and Matthew Wathke & senior Zach Klassen in Maglev.  Silver medals were earned by senior Kysa Franseen & senior Jodie Sauer in Forestry, Duerst & junior Ian Kane in Robot Arm, and senior Isaac Boyd & Kane in Boomilever.  A bronze medal was earned by Klassen & Kane in Elastic Launched Glider.  Other Purple-Varsity team members earning medals were Matthew Wathke & Sauer in Geocaching, junior Dylan Windsor & junior Clayton Windsor in Material Science, Duerst & freshman Luke Timper in Codes & Algorithms, Klassen & Kane in Gravity Vehicle, and junior Catelynn Clark, junior Danielle Nelson, & Timper in Experimental Design

Boyceville’s other five Science Olympiad teams participated in Division 2, and gold medals were earned by freshman Sammy Merkel & freshman Ireland McAbee-Thomas in Remote Sensing, junior Nick Wathke and junior Tanner Johnson-Hetchler in Radio Lab and Maglev, senior Matt Leach and freshman Noah Edlin in Elastic Launch Glider, Gravity Vehicle, and Robot Arm, and senior Katelyn Merten and sophomore Brittany Tetzlaff in Write It, Do It.  Silver medals were earned by freshman Andrew Marshall and freshman Maddy Bygd in Codes & Algorithms and Mystery Engineering, Leach & Edlin in Maglev, senior Anna Jenkins, senior Alex Wold, and junior Michaella Kegen in Experimental Design, and sophomores Abbey Bird and Alexa Peterson in Write It, Do It.  Bronze medals were earned by Wathke and Johnson-Hetchler in Circuit Lab, sophomores Lauren Klassen and Jake McIntyre in Forensics, freshman Jack Kapsner and Merkel in Radio Lab, Wold and Jenkins in Boomilever, Marshall and Bygd in Maglev, and senior Ryan Williams, Abbey Bird, and Peterson in Experimental Design.  Other medals were earned by Michaella Kegen and freshman Katie Kegen in Forestry and Radio Lab, freshmen Carolyn Voelker and Lee Oemig in Astronomy, Marshall & Merkel in Elastic Launch Glider, Wathke and Johnson-Hetchler in Gravity Vehicle and Elastic Launch Glider, senior Patrick O’Connell, senior Tyler Wolfe, and senior Will Kraft in Experimental Design, sophomore Megan Bird and McIntyre in Codes & Algorithms, sophomore Nolan Windsor and freshman Brandon Windsor in Thermodynamics Lab, and Leach and Edlin in Mystery Engineering.  A total of 39 different BHS students earned 40 different medals.

The Boyceville Middle School Science Olympaid team successfully defended their tournament title by finishing first overall at the 22-team Boyceville Science Olympiad Invitational Tournament, winning for the fourth year in the row.  Tournament championships were earned by Max Engel & Emmett Kapsner in Road Scholar, Casey Owen & Rian Corr in Boomilever, Alyssa Leslie & Katie Swenson in Metric Mastery, Engel & Corr in Helicopter Duration, Rotor Egg Drop, and Mousetrap Vehicle, and Emmett Kapsner, Brennan Wheeldon, and Sean Best in Mission Possible.  Silver medals were earned by Owen & Mark Timper in Shock Value, Adrienna Billyboy & Leslie in Road Scholar, Michael Chich & Brad Mounce in Boomilever and Mousetrap Vehicle, Sam Retz & Chich in Write It, Do It, and Brooklyn Hellmann & Hannah Guy in Metric Mastery.  Bronze medals were earned by Erica Sempf & Timper in Anatomy, Haley Wold & Mariah Schlottman in Write It, Do It, Mariah Drury & Luke Knudtson in Forestry, Sarah Kapsner & Tori Kostman in Food Science, Kostman & Sempf in Sounds of Music, and Guy, Sempf, and Abby Kegan in Experimental Designs.  Other medals were earned by Sempf & Kostman in Disease Detectives, Engel & Guy in Crime Busters, Billyboy & Leslie in Dynamic Planet and Meteorology, Kiel Anderson in Boomilever, and Sempf & Kegan in Write It, Do It.

Several new teams participated in the 6th Annual Tournament, and Elk Mound HS was awarded the new team award, while MHLT MS (Minocqua) was awarded the new MS team award.  Lakeland Union (Minocqua) HS and Highview (MN) MS were awarded the spirit awards as voted on by event supervisors.  Other new local teams included Clear Lake HS, Shell Lake HS, Elmwood MS, and Stanley-Boyd HS.

The Boyceville High School and Middle Science Olympiad teams are off until January 12th when they will travel to Wright State University in Dayton, OH for the National Invitational Tournament.  The BHS SO team will next compete in Wisconsin at the UW-River Falls Invitational on Saturday, January 19th.

The Boyceville Science Olympiad teams would like to extend a thank you to the entire Boyceville community as well as the faculty, staff, and administration of the Boyceville Community School District for all of their help in the planning and completing of this large Science Olympiad Invitational Tournament, as well as a special thank you to People’s State Bank, Wal-Mart, Murray & Madonna Hostetter, and OHLY for their generosity and help this year.  The MS & HS teams are coached by Andy Hamm and he is assisted by Stewart Skrove and both would also like to thank all of the volunteers who helped make this day possible.

Final High School Team Results 6th Annual Boyceville Science Olympiad Invitational Tournament

1.  New Trier (IL) A 61
2.  Mounds View (MN) A 108
3.  Menomonie Maroon 136
4.  New Trier (IL) B 147
5.  Boyceville Purple-Varsity 163
6.  Marshfield A 169
7.  Delano (MN) 278
8.  Eastview (MN) Lightning 284
9.  Mounds View (MN) B 304
10.  Mounds View (MN) C 309
11.  Medford Red 326
12.  Eastview (MN) Thunder 334
13.  Mounds View (MN) D 369
14.  Wausau West 370
15.  Mounds View (MN) E 379
16.  Eastview (MN) Storm 382
17.  Menomonie White 393
18.  Lakeland Union A 412
19.  Spring Valley A 462
20.  Apple Valley (MN) 478
21.  Athens 492
22.  Eastview (MN) Strike 498
23.  Medford White 515
24.  Lakeland Union B 515
25.  Marshfield B 520
26.  Menomonie Gold 527
27.  Shell Lake 532
28.  Sparta 536
29. Chippewa Falls Red 541
30.  New Trier C 547
31.  Boyce. Freshman -Magenta 575
32.  Medford Black 595
33.  Boyceville JV-Blue 626
34.  New Richmond A 640
35. Marshfield C 657
36.  Boyceville JV-Green 691
37.  Elk Mound A 718
38.  Clear Lake 738
39.  Boyceville Soph-Orange 776
40.  Spring Valley B 780
41.  Elk Mound B 812
42.  Menomonie Black 816
43.  Chippewa Falls White 852
44.  Stanley-Boyd 873
45.  Boyceville JV-Red 947
46.  New Richmond B 1006
47.  Glenwood City (NS) 1196
48.  Triton (MN) (NS) 1196
49.  Wayzata (MN) A (NS) 1196
50.  Wayzata (MN) B (NS) 1196
51.  Wayzata (MN) C (NS) 1196

Final Middle School Team Results – 6th Annual Boyceville Science Olympiad Invitational Tournament

1.  Boyceville Varsity-Purple 104
2.  Medford Red 119
3.  Menomonie Maroon 144
4.  Sparta Gold 174
5.  Highview (MN) Raptors 194
6.  Ft. Atkinson St. Joseph 214
7.  Menomonie White 216
8.  Medford White 259
9.  New Richmond A 260
10.  Boyceville JV-Green 272
11.  Highview (MN) Hawks 274
12.  Sparta Red 278
13.  Reedsburg Webb 325
14.  MHLT (Minocqua) 350
15.  Providence Academy (MN) A 356
16.  Providence Academy (MN) B 377
17.  Boyceville JV-Red 379
18.  New Richmond B 385
19.  Boyceville JV-Blue 393
20.  Providence Academy (MN) C 448
21.  Elmwood (NS) 529
22.  Glenwood City (NS) 529