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Toppers fall short to previous sectional contender

By Kelsie Hoitomt

GLENWOOD CITY – The Glenwood City boys basketball team hosted the Elk Mound Mounders last Thursday.

The Hilltoppers had a rough match up against the so far undefeated Mounders as they were shut down 29-58.

“Elk Mound is one of the elite teams in our conference. We had some minutes where we played better but our turnovers were a key in the game that we couldn’t overcome. We will need to practice harder and regain our focus,” explained coach Brent Wink.

The Hilltoppers suffered even bigger blowouts to the Mounders last season. However, their defense has seemingly improved and they were able to keep the Mounders from scoring over 60 points in loss.

The Toppers were aggressive at the net when given the chance but the 19 turnovers from poor dribbling or missed passes hurt the Toppers big time.

As whole though, the team seems to have strong potential with the amount of experience and diversity that is on the team.

The Toppers’ leading shooter was Tyler Nueske with seven points from two deuces and he was three for four at the line. Marcus Kadinger scored five points. Richard Ross and Todd Petersen each had four points. Chris Wagner, Jake Hierlmeier, Nick Mrdutt and Matt Schouten each had two points. And Tyler Johnson had a point from the line.

Mrdutt led the team in rebounds with five followed by Ross who had four, Schouten had three and Wagner, Hierlmeier and Marcus Kadinger had two.

The Hilltoppers had a make-up game against St. Croix Central scheduled for Monday evening, but due to the snow day that game will played at a later date.

The Toppers resumed play on Tuesday evening at home against Plum City and they will travel to Colfax on December 20th.