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Personal training studio in town

By Kelsie Hoitomt

GLENWOOD CITY – All About You Fitness LLC is a personal training studio in the home of Sandy Kopecky that opened in the summer of 2008.

Kopecky worked for Curves and then opened a fitness center on main street in Glenwood City that she ran for two years, but she wanted a more personal career.

She now is able to enjoy her passion and excitement of fitness in the comfort of her own home. Her studio is small, but has all the necessary amenities with a cardio machine, free weights, resistance bands, exercise balls and other stationary equipment.

“This studio is built around quality rather than volume. Clients will never feel like they are just a number to me, as I know each of them personally, which is why it’s called personal training,” shared Kopecky.

Kopecky is active with fitness as she stays up to date with all ofher certificates and the different types of exercises that are available. She is currently certified as a specialist in exercise therapy in addition to metabolic training.

“As a specialist in exercise therapy, I design programs for chronic conditions such as metabolic, neurological, orthopedic and other health issues. Balance and flexibility are a major part of the programs. As we get older, we lose a large amount of strength and muscle mass resulting in many older adults losing their ability to main their independence and my goal is to help the older population stay independent,” shared Kopecky.

She is also becoming more involved in physical therapy and helping those individuals in the recovery process.

“My philosophy is exercise is like medication, it should be applied appropriately and monitored. I do not use a cookie cutter program, each program is designed just for that individual. One size does not fit all and if the client does not know what or how to do the exercise properly, they are setting themselves up for injury and/or disappointment in reaching goals,” explained Kopecky.

Kopecky has a strong desire to help others not only physically, but mentally as well and she is dedicated to every one of her clients.

“It’s a very personal thing with me when I see the clients improve whether it’s being able to finally stand without assistance or dropping inches. It’s about an individual being able to live a fuller life. That is my commitment to each of my clients. I care deeply about each of them,” expressed Kopecky.

Kopecky offers flexible hours with her business days being typically Monday, Wednesday and Friday. In certain cases she will also do in-home training and therapy.

She accepts HealthPartners and U-Care Insurance for fitness reimbursements in addition to other companies.