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Close but not enough for the Bulldogs

By Kelsie Hoitomt

PLUM CITY – The Boyceville girls’ basketball team hit the road for their first away game against the Plum City Blue Devils last Thursday night.

It was a tough loss for the Bulldogs as the Blue Devils eked out a 39-35 win. The Blue Devils had the upper hand throughout the entire game with the biggest gap in the score being in the first quarter with the Bulldogs down 3-10.

The Bulldogs bounced back in the second quarter to put the score at 10-14. The Blue Devils held onto their four point lead throughout the rest of the game as it was 20-24 and then finally 35-39.

The Bulldogs turned up their game in the fourth quarter, scoring 15 points by way of seven foul attempts made and four deuces.

Kennedy Hellmann was the leading scorer for the Bulldogs with seven points from a deuce, a triple and she was two for two at the freethrow line.

Brooklynn Blaser and Abbey Bird each had six points. Bird was four for four at the line and had a deuce. Blaser scored her six points on freethrows.

Also scoring were Katelyn Merten with five points, Kysa Franseen and April Lake with four points each, Alexa Peterson had a deuce and Michaella Kegen scored a point.

The Bulldogs were 13 for 19 at the foul line versus the Blue Devils who were 23 for 29. There were 20 team fouls called against the Bulldogs and 17 for the Blue Devils.

The Lady Bulldogs were scheduled to play in Osceola Monday evening, but that game has since been rescheduled to December 28.

Their next game will be in Colfax against the Vikings this Friday evening starting at 7:30 p.m.