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Topper boys drop basketball home opener to Buffaloes

By Kelsie Hoitomt

GLENWOOD CITY – The Hilltopper boys’ basketball team finally had their first game of the season after rescheduling their first two games due to not enough practices because of football.

They hosted the Mondovi Buffaloes, who had played two games already this season, and were defeated 40-62 last Friday night.

Due to the lack of practice for the majority of the Hilltoppers team, they were a bit rusty on their shooting and weren’t able to knock down many shots until the second half.

“We had great effort, but shot less than 30 percent from the field. We will not win when we shoot like that,” shared coach Brent Wink.

The boys made 15 out of 41 two-point baskets and one out of 13 three-point baskets which came from Tyler Nueske.

Jake Hierlmeier was the teams leading scorer of the night with 11 points. He had four deuces and was three for three at the line.

Nick Mrdutt was close behind with 10 points scored. He had four deuces and was two for three at the line.

Also scoring for the Hilltoppers were Chris Wagner with five points, Richard Ross with four points, Tyler Johnson and Nueske each with three points and Todd Petersen and Michael Johnson each with two points.

As a whole, the team was 50/50 at the line as seven out of 13 free-throw attempts were successful.

They showed plenty of aggression at the net which accounted for 16 defensive rebounds and 10 offensive rebounds.

Mrdutt and Marcus Kadinger had the most rebounds with seven each and Nueske and Wagner had four each.

Even considering the first game jitters, the Toppers handled the ball well with their passing and dribbling.

Once they are able to knock down the shots and get into the basketball frame of mind, the rust should start to fall off.