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School Board expresses gratitude to athletes

By Kelsie Hoitomt

GLENWOOD CITY – The Glenwood City Board of Education expressed their gratitude and gave recognition and praise to the football team and athletes.

 “When people think of Glenwood City they don’t think about the dentist office or chiropractic office, they think of the Hilltoppers,” shared Board President Dr. Charles Rasmussen, “we can be really proud of our kids and how they represent our community.”

Rasmussen along with other Board members thanked and gave recognition to the coaching staff and to the fans as well.

Superintendent Tim Emholtz shared a couple emails/letters that were sent to the school district from a very pleased bus driver.

It was also shared that the hotel management in Madison had made comments about how well-behaved and respectful team the Hilltoppers were/are.

It was clear that the athletes in the school district have made big impact not only in our small community, but throughout the area.

“There were over 90 pictures of the football team online at the Leader-Telegram and more on the front page of the St. Paul Pioneer,” shared Rasmussen as he held up both newspapers.

In other news, middle/high school principal Tim Johnson brought up the idea of changing the instructional day.

Under this idea, the last 19 minutes of the school day would be available for the students to get extra tutoring or mentoring and the staff would have time to do extra work as well.

The main goal of this is to be productive in that time and give the students the added benefit of personal help.

This would add an extra ten minutes to the school day so the elementary school would get out around 3:16 and the middle/high school around 3:26. However, this would give all students almost an entire hour of extra mentoring in a week.

This is strictly just an idea as of right now and there has been no action taken on it.

There is also progress being made in the hiring of a new elementary principal. Elementary staff recently generated a list of qualities they wish to see in a principal. The staff is also working on a list of questions that could be asked during the interviewing for a new principal.

There does not look to be any action on this from the Board until after the new year starts.

In other business, the Board approved Mike Voeltz as a volunteer for the boys’ basketball team. The Board also approved the acceptance of a $4,419 grant from the St.Croix Valley Foundation to the music department for their A Mellow Middle: Euphonic Sounds project.