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Trucker visits with 6th Grade Boys at Tiffany Creek Elementary

This fall Mrs. Parsons, a reading teacher at Tiffany Creek Elementary in Boyceville, and a group of 6th boys read a wonderful book titled Dear Mr. Henshaw by Beverly Cleary.

In this book, the main characters father is a semi-truck driver and travels  across the country hauling goods. When the boys were done reading the book, a truck driver named Brent Prochnow from Menomonie brought his truck to school and spent some time with these boys. The boys were able to get into the truck and look around. They also asked lots of questions and learned about all the rules that truckers have to follow. Brent’s truck was carrying sheets of metal that will be made into soup cans. Thanks to Brent and his company Lightning Incorporated  for donating time to teach students in Boyceville about his occupation!