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New study proves wind turbines harm people

From the Office of Senator Lasee

Industrial wind turbines are preventing children and families from getting sleep in their own beds, according to a new study by Dr. Nissenbaum of Northern Maine Medical Center.

The peer reviewed study released on Halloween titled Effects of Industrial Wind Turbine Noise on Sleep and Health reads, “We conclude that the noise emissions of Industrial Wind Turbines (IWTs) disturbed the sleep and caused daytime sleepiness and impaired mental health in residents living within 1.4 km (9/10ths mile) of the two IWT installations studied.”

The study confirms what the wind industry has been hiding for some time, wind turbines harm people.

“Wind farms have forced Wisconsin families to move out of their homes, yet hundreds of new wind turbines are being proposed around the state. The PSC rules that regulate these huge turbines don’t protect families and their pets.” Senator Lasee said.

Senator Lasee said, “PSC’s failure to protect kids and their puppies in their own homes is a tragedy. Wisconsin families are suffering but the PSC doesn’t seem to care.”

State law requires the PSC to protect citizens of Wisconsin from harmful health effects caused by Wind Turbines; unfortunately, the PSC isn’t taking their responsibilities seriously.

Senator Lasee urges you to contact the Public Service Commission and the Governor to do what is required by law – to protect Wisconsin families from harm.

Great Briton’s Energy Minister says wind farms are a “dangerous delusion”

On Wednesday, October 31, Great Briton’s Energy Minister John Hayes said that wind farms are “one of the most dangerous delusions of our time” and announced that no more onshore wind farms will be built on any land in their country.

“Studies have proven that Industrial wind towers hurt families and their pets that live near them, and Wisconsin must follow the U.K.’s lead in protecting our citizens. One of the primary responsibilities of our government is to protect people from harm by industry.”  Said Senator Lasee.

The U.K. banned new onshore wind farms entirely, yet current Wisconsin law (PSC rule 128) allows wind turbines to be built as close as ¼ mile from communities, homes, and schools.  “This is just plain wrong, and I hope with that this action taken by one of our countries strongest allies to protect their people will compel Wisconsin’s PSC to act to protect our people.” Added Senator Lasee.

“PSC rule 128 is clearly inadequate and it’s disappointing that PSC officials are not taking immediate action to protect the public’s health.”

Senator Lasee said, “Ignorance and inaction by PSC officials is unacceptable when Wisconsin families are suffering. If the PSC doesn’t provide adequate protection to families in harm’s way, legislation to provide that protection must be passed next session.  It is a travesty to those families that have had to move from their homes because they couldn’t sleep anymore or became chronically sick and unable to do normal tasks in their own homes after wind towers were built too close to their homes.”

“Wind energy and other “green energy” has a place in the marketplace but should not be subsidized by taxpayers and electric users, required to be used even when much more expensive or when it harms adults, children and their pets in their own homes.” Said Senator Lasee.

Senator Lasee urges you to contact the Governor and your legislator to act to protect the regular, hardworking people of this state in their own homes from, according to the Energy Minister, “one of the most dangerous delusions of our time.”