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Glenwood City News – 10-24-2012

October is slipping away fast.

Frank Swanepoel joined the 90 group. His family gave a lovely party. Happy Birthday and blessings for your special day.

Happy Birthday Betty Forrest on your special day. Mary Mrdutt Hill, Jon Mrdutt and Steve Koosmann are soon going to add another candle to their cake. Happy Birthday to you all.

I send my condolences to Wes and Alice Tuttle. Wes’s mother Alma passed on, comfort her family as they mourn.

Carla Stevens and Sharon Lansing celebrated their birthday on Friday at the Wilson Nite Club. Those joining them were Shirley Huey, Judy Klatt, Melody Bird, Joyce Hellendrung, Debby Klatt and Karen “Fuzzy” Marlette. Great fun was had by everyone.

Judy Knops visited Karen Marlette on Saturday for coffee and chit-chat.

Sunday, October 21 was a special day. Eileen Mrdutt and Philip Mounce were dinner guests of Mike and Sali Mounce, in honor of their 40th wedding anniversary at Paradise Landing in Balsam Lake. What a beautiful place. It was also a celebration of Mike’s birthday. Wishing you many more birthdays and anniversaries.

Cheers to our Topper football team on their win last weekend and their upcoming game this weekend. GO TOPPERS!!

This must be the good place to live – we have quite a few celebrating 90 years! Best wishes, Frank!

Thought for the Day

This a day the Lord has made let us be glad and rejoice in it.