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GC Cross Country teams have final tune-up before Conference

By Kelsie Hoitomt

The Glenwood City cross country team competed at the Amery High School on Tuesday, October 2 and at Eau Claire Memorial on Saturday for their final invitationals before the Conference meet this Thursday, October 11th in Mondovi.

With their top seven runners competing, the varsity boys team finished tenth out of 18 teams, the varsity girls team finished ninth out of 14 teams, the middle school boys team finished eighth out of 13 teams and the middle school girls team finished third out of 11 teams.

Ethan Brandt continued to lead the boys team as he finished in ninth place out of 139 participants with a time of 18:01.49.

Almost exactly one minute ahead in first place was Jacob Ohnstad of Grantsburg who had a 17:01.51.

Also finishing for the boys were Tyler Johnson in 27th (18:59.37), Derick Huebner in 72nd (20:37.90), Michael Johnson in 75th (20.40.28), Jack Kremer 88th (21:14.31), Matthew Wink in 99th (22:00.99), Andrew Bauman in 103rd (22:08.75) and sophomore Jared Kupper competed and finished in 138th with a 31:13.03.

The varsity girls’ team was led by their front runner Morgan Kadinger who finished 14th out of 114 participants with a 17:23.27.

The rest of the girls finished in typical fashion with Jenny Lindquist finishing second for the team in 44th (18:30.68), Jenna Magsam in 48th (18:37.49), Megan Steinberger in 64th (19:10.09), Maya Petersen in 69th (19:21.14) and Hannah Steinberger in 77th (19:47.60).

The first place finisher was Victoria Simones of Prescott with a 16:05.09.

The middle school girls ran yet another solid race as a team with Taylor Drinkman leading in sixth place out of 147 runners with a 10:52.33.

The seven runners competing all finished in the top 50 including Makayla O’Brien in ninth (11:01.68), Elizabeth Wink in 14th (11:17.06), Ally Holmquist in 22nd (11:33.63), Aubrey Curvello in 39th (12:02.28), Jatelyn Johnson in 47th (12:40.31) and Hanna Strehlo in 48th (12:44.64).

Also running were Emma Scholler who finished in 84th (13:47.95) and Madison Kupper finished in 102nd (14:26.75).

The middle school boy’s team was led by Owen Wagner who finished in 19th out of 146 runners with a time of 10:37.18.

He was followed by Cody Huebner in 40th (11:15.95), Riley Schutz in 44th (11:29.33), Matthew Bauman in 53rd (11:41.14), Corey Klatt in 71st (12:02.59) Nolan Stodola in 83rd (12:41.66) and Dillion Hierlmeier in 116th (13:56.96). Will Rosenow also ran and finished in 124th with a 14:28.94.

Eau Claire Memorial Race

The Hilltoppers’ had an average race at Eau Claire Memorial on this past chilly Saturday where they faced bigger schools, such as Eau Claire and Hudson.

The boys varsity team finished 12th out of 14 teams and the girls varsity team placed 10th out of 14 teams.

The boys’ team was led by Ethan Brandt who finished in 33rd out of 106 individuals with a time of 17:47.38.

Second place runner, Tyler Johnson, finished in 46th with a 18:16.44. He was followed by his cousin Michael Johnson in 88th (19:58.54), Jack Kremer in 91st (20:36.41), Matthew Wink in 97th (21:32.67) and Andrew Bauman in 100th (21:36.50).

Morgan Kadinger led for the girls’ team in 45th out of 102 participants with a time of 17:14.07. She was followed by Kaitlin Konder in 52nd (17:29.03), Jenny Lindquist in 55th (17:34.18), Jenna Magsam in 56th (17:34.70), Megan Steinberger in 76th (18:35.80), Maya Petersen in 82nd (19:02.24) and Hannah Steinberger in 88th (19:30.64).

Coach Schutz said that Ethan Brandt won the boys race in Spring Valley on September 27 and Morgan Kadinger finished in fourth place with the entire girls’ team finishing in second place.