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Hilltopper netters earn first win of the season at home

By Kelsie Hoitomt

The Glenwood City volleyball team traveled to Elk Mound on Tuesday, September 25 to play the Mounders and then they hosted the Elmwood Raiders on Thursday.

First Win Over Elmwood

The Hilltopper netters earned their first win of the conference season on Thursday, September 27 against the Elmwood Raiders.

They swept the Raiders in three sets 25-21, 25-16 and 25-9 in what was a very impressive performance of skill and communication as a team, which hasn’t been seen much this year.

It was a definite team effort with Stephanie Caress back as setter, Mikaela Voeltz filled in as libero, Kayla Bloss and Megan Samens helped dig up balls in the back row and the net was covered by Kelly Perkins, Haley Tiberg, Kelsie Knops and Elizabeth Nyhus.

There was a unique performance that night with the Hilltoppers using a wall-like defense with three defenders jumping up to block the ball, which worked incredibly well.

All together, everything worked in the Hilltoppers favor as they put up continuous blocks against the Raiders attack attempts.

The Toppers were able to put all of their serves over the net as well in this game. Caress went on a four point serving run in the third set to start off the game.

“Our defense was spectacular, picking up almost everything that was hit at them, along with our offense who kept putting balls down,” said coach Chelsea Culver.

The momentum was incredibly high and the excitement was evident within the girls’ as well as the coaches and the fans, which made for memorable night of volleyball.

“Everything we have worked so hard for all season long just came together in an awesome show of hard work and skills,” shared Culver.

Tiberg played a great game, earning 11 kills and 11 digs, six service aces and four blocks.

Knops had seven kills and five digs. Perkins had two kills and two blocks. Voeltz had a season high of 14 digs and Bloss had four aces and seven digs.

Swept in Elk Mound

Earlier in that week the Hilltoppers were swept in three matches (25-10, 25-13, 25-14) by the Elk Mound Mounders who are ranked number one in the Dunn-St. Croix Conference.

“We made a lot of unforced errors and had trouble scoring points with the girls struggling to get into a rhythm and work together,” said Culver.

In that game, Tiberg had four digs and two kills, Voeltz had seven digs and one block, Perkins had three blocks and Ashley Burns had seven digs.

The Hilltoppers played at home against the Spring Valley Cardinals on Tuesday, Octobr 2.