Glenwood/Boyceville School Menus – 10-3-2012

Glenwood City /Boyceville School Menus – for October 8-12


Mon., Oct. 8: Pork riblet on W/G bun, dark green leaf lettuce, tomato slices, seasoned potato wedges, fresh green beans, fresh kiwi.

Tues., Oct. 9: Lasagna, garden spinach salad, multi-grain breadstick, fresh green apple, pineapple tiblets.

Wed., Oct. 10: Taco salad, W/G tortilla chips and corn salsa, refried beans, cinnamon puff, peach slices, fresh red grapes.

Thurs., Oct. 11: Chicken and noodles, mashed potatoes, fresh kernel corn, whole grain bread, cantaloupe slice.

Fri., Oct. 12: Hot ham and cheese on whole grain bun, baked sweet potato fries, fresh broccoli, mandarin oranges.


Mon., Oct. 8: Beef and bean burrito, romaine lettuce /tomato, steamed kernel corn, peach slices, watermelon slice.

Tues., Oct. 9: W/G chicken nuggets, two potato mash, carrot coins, whole grain bread, fresh orange, pineapple sauce.

Wed., Oct. 10: Sloppy Joes on W/G bun, baked sweet potato fries, grape tomatoes, fresh red apple, fruit cocktail.

Thurs., Oct. 11: Chicken ala King, Mashed potatoes, steamed kernel corn, baby carrots/FF ranch dip, whole grain bread, peach slices, petite banana.

Fri., Oct. 12: Hamburger on W/G bun, romaine lettuce/tomato, BBQ baked beans, fruit cocktail, mandarin oranges.

Menus are subject to change. Milk choice daily.