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Glenwood City cross country times continue to improve

By Kelsie Hoitomt

GLENWOOD CITY – The Hilltopper cross country teams competed at the Rice Lake Invitational on Tuesday, September 11 as well as the Osceola Invitational on Saturday, September 15.

Rice Lake Invite

The girls team had a solid performance at the Rice Lake invitational as they placed third behind Colfax and Bloomer. There were 16 teams total that raced in the small school competition.

Leading again for the Hilltoppers was freshman Morgan Kadinger in fifth place with a 21:29.8. Also finishing in the top 30 were Kaitlin Konder in 26th with a 24:04.0 and Jenny Lindquist in 28th with a 24:25.3.

Following for the girls were Jenna Magsam in 31st (24:49.5), Maya Petersen in 42nd (25:50.1) and Mackenzie Wink in 77th (28:04.1).

There were 116 girls that competed and first place went to Andrea Ostenso of Ladysmith.
On the other side, the boy’s team finished in 12th place out of 16 teams with leader Ethan Brandt finishing in 30th with a 19:31.8.

Tyler Johnson finished in 39th with a 20:00.6, Michael Johnson in 76th (21:45.2), Derick Huebner in 78th (21:52.6) and Matt Wink in 108th (24:46.6).

There were 127 boys that raced and Henry Klein of St. Croix Falls took first place with a 17:08.2.

The middle school girls team completed a solid race as well as they finished second place out of 12 teams and 120 runners.

Eighth grader Taylor Drinkman lead the team in fourth place with a time of 13:50.3. One second behind was Makayla O’Brien in fifth place with a 13:51.0.

Following for the rest of the team were Elizabeth Wink in 11th (14:16.7), Alexis Curvello in 16th (14:34.1), Aubrey Curvello in 24th (15:00.8), Ally Holmquist in 31st (15:37.4), Emma Scholler in 52nd (16:43.0), Jatelyn Johnson in 55th (17:03.2) and Hanna Strehlo in 59th (17:19.3).

The middle school boys team competed good as well as they finished sixth out of 12 teams and 121 participants.

Leading for the boys was seventh grader Riley Schutz in 12th place with a 13:43.6. Less than a second away was fellow teammate Owen Wagner in 13th place with a 13:44.3.

Following for the rest of the team were Matthew Bauman in 44th (15:00.4), Corey Klatt in 52nd (15:30.6), Dillion Hierlmeier in 72nd (16:45.0) and Nolan Stodola in 73rd (16:47.6).

Osceola Invite

The Glenwood City girls’ teams are continuing to be successful in each invitational so far this season.

The varsity team placed seventh out of 11 teams and the junior high team placed first out of nine teams.

On the varsity team, front runner Morgan Kadinger led for the Hilltoppers in 16th place with a 16:13. Fellow teammate Kaitlin Konder was the Hilltopper’s number two runner as she finished in 32nd with a 17:18. Following were Jenny Lindquist in 41st (17:35), Jenna Magsam in 49th (17:52), Maya Petersen in 74th (18:48), Megan Steinberger in 80th (19:06) and Hannah Steinberger in 84th (19:16).

Also individually running were Olivia Weidling in 116th with a 21:21 and Camille Olive in 120th with a 21:52.

The first place runner was Savannah Fagerland of Durand with a 15:23.

The junior high girls’ team ran a mile and a half race, which was won by Julia Vanwatermuelen of Ellsworth with a 11:04.

Makayla O’Brien took an extremely close second place for the Hilltoppers with a time of 11:04 as well.

The top 30 was peppered with Hilltopper runners including Taylor Drinkman in third (11:17), Alexis Curvello in sixth (11:24), Elizabeth Wink in 11th (11:48), Aubrey Curvello in 12th (11:53), Ally Holmquist in 15th (12:04) and Jatelyn Johnson in 29th (12:50).
Finishing for the rest of the team were Hanna Strehlo in 34th with a 13:03 and Emma Scholler in 44th with a 13:31.

On the other side, the varsity boy’s team placed 11th out of 13 teams and the junior high team placed sixth out of nine teams.

The varsity participated without its number one runner, Ethan Brandt, for the second meet now this season.

According to coach Matt Schutz, Brandt has had a nagging injury, but was expected to race on Tuesday in Mondovi.

Leading this race for the Hilltoppers was Tyler Johnson in 19th place with a 18:21. Following him was Michael Johnson in 44th (19:13), Derick Huebner in 82nd (20:36), Jack Kremer in 90th (20:53), Matthew Wink in 109th (21:38) and Andrew Bauman in 123rd (22:08).

The race was won by Jacob Ohnstad of Granstburg with a 16:31.

Owen Wagner led the junior high team in 20th place with an 11:21. Following not too far behind was Riley Schutz in 24th with an 11:33. Matthew Bauman placed 37th (12:14) with Corey Klatt close behind in 38th (12:18). Nolan Stodola placed 62nd (13:12), Dillion Hierlmeier in 73rd (13:57) and Will Rosenow in 109th (16:00).

There were 128 junior high boys that participated with first place going to Adam Schoepke of New Richmond.

The Hilltoppers competed in Mondovi on Tuesday, September 18.