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Glenwood City School District holds Annual Meeting

By Kelsie Hoitomt

GLENWOOD CITY – The Glenwood City School District held its annual budget hearing and annual meeting Monday, September 10.

District Superintendent Tim Emholtz explained that the enrollment is down this year, which decreases the amount of state aid the school receives and because of this the mill rate has increased from 8.60 this year to 9.51 this coming year.

Emholtz also explained that as a whole, the property values within the school district have decreased, but again due to the decrease in enrollment, the proposed property tax levy for the coming school year will be $2,054,691 dollars.

This compares to last year’s unaudited property tax levy of $1,920,825.

Emholtz shared that the Federal Title One fund money has gone up because of the poverty level in the school district has increased.

This gave the school additional unexpected money, which will be used to hire additional staff members to help in areas like math and reading where there are some students struggling.

Emholtz also announced that the school district will not be borrowing any money again this year, if money is needed then a short term loan will be applied for whether it is needed for a week or a few days.

President of the Board, Dr. Charles Rasmussen praised the work of Sherry Crosby for her work in food services.

He explained that the school district in recent years has finally moved the Hot Lunch program into the “black,” and out of debit.

The food service fund budget is at $326,797 dollars this year compared to last year’s unaudited amount of $335,044 dollars.

The combined total of expenditures and other financing uses has increased the budget for the 2012-2013 school year to $7,220.208 compared to last year’s unaudited amount of $7,198,095.06 dollars.

The 2012-2013 proposed school budget was approved as presented as the motion was made by John Logghe and seconded by Dr. Lisa Kaiser.

The annual meeting began with Dr. Charles Rasmussen being voted upon to be the chairperson for the meeting.

The Treasurer’s Report by John Logghe was approved as the motion was made by Jon Mrdutt and seconded by Dr. Lisa Kaiser.

The proposed tax levy of $2,054,435 dollars for the 2012-2013 school year to support the proposed budget, which includes General Operations and Debt Service was approved as the motion was made by Dr. Kaiser and seconded by Kevin Bonte.

The Consent Agenda was approved by the Board members, minus the absence of member Judy Achterhof.

The items approved include the following; the re-authorization of the Board Members’ Travel, which allows $50 dollars for Board members participating in any special Board or Committee Meetings beyond the regular monthly Board/Committee Meetings.

Approval of payment to Board members on official school district business for actual travel expenses including room and board and per diem of $40 dollars per day when traveling away from the District.

Authorization of the Board of Education to approve any sale of school property.

Authority was given to the Board to defend or prosecute any action in which the District is implicated and to hire proper personnel for such action.

Authority was given to the Board of Education to set the Annual Meeting date other than the fourth Monday in July, when necessary.

Provide student accident insurance with district funds.

Lastly, appropriate funds for a school lunch program and establish lunch ticket prices.

Board Clerk, Lori Klinger read the minutes and they were approved as amended. The motion was made by Bonte and seconded by David Faber.

Dr. Rasmussen made the motion to move the meeting to adjournment, which was approved and then he praised the Board members and the staff in the school district for all the hard work they do.