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Off the Editor’s Desk 2-7-24

Why are we so divided?

In my mind, we have become more divided at this point in time than we have ever been before. Maybe except during the Civil War. As I watch television or read in the daily papers, many protests are featured for one reason or another, with some of them becoming violent. 

I have watched as many of those protestors spurt out hate against another group or country. Why is it that we can’t get along by just good conservation and dialog?

Are we divided by the amount of education we have? Or is it because of the society that does not teach us the difference between right and wrong.

Writing in the Capitol Guardian, Bill Wilson points out how we voted and the candidate that we favored based on our education. I would like to reprint some of his findings.

“Trump’s strong showing in the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries among non-college voters so far could be highly predictive of the outcome of the general election.

“Former President Donald Trump swept the New Hampshire primary beating out Nikki Haley by 11 percentage points with support from a broad conservative electorate. Haley’s support stemmed largely from ‘undeclared’ or independent voters who were encouraged to infiltrate the GOP primaries to halt Trump’s march back into the White House, but this tactic failed.

“The eye-popping number from that race was Trump’s massive victory among voters without a college degree, a group that has long been a key Trump coalition. According to exit polls, Trump secured a full 67 percent of voters without a college degree to Haley’s 31 percent, increasing his numbers with non-college voters by 25 percentage points compared to 2016.

“Historical data spanning each presidential election from 1980 through 2020 shows a strong recurring theme of the non-college vote predicting the winner in presidential elections.

Not only do Americans without a college degree make up close to twice the share of voters as those with one, but non-college voters tend to vote based on economic issues and serve as a barometer for the county’s economic state.

“Non-college voters have heavily preferred Republicans in modern elections, but there is one caveat. In every presidential election between 1980 and 2008, a Democrat has won Americans without a high school diploma. For instance, in 1980 Jimmy Carter won Americans who had no high school diploma 51 to 46 percent, but resoundingly lost voters with a high school diploma but no college degree to Ronald Reagan 51 to 43 percent.

“Republicans on the other hand have won Americans with a high school diploma but no college degree in seven out of the eleven elections between 1980 and 2020.

“In the remaining seven elections, non-college voters have supported the GOP candidate and in all but one, the GOP candidate has won the election. The only time in modern election history when non-college voters have supported a presidential candidate who did not go on to win the general election was in 2020 when Biden lost non-college voters 48 to 50 percent but won the election.”

Well, what can we do to put everyone on the same track? We could do away with a college education, but that’s a bad idea. We can encourage all kids to get their high school education and we can help stamp out hate. 

Thanks for reading!     ~Carlton

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