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Off the Editor’s Desk 1-24-24

What’s your most important issue?

What is the you important issue, facing the American people, to be addressed this fall in the presidential election? Economy, border, or taxes would be my quick guess.

To me, I felt it has to be the southern border with thousands of illegal immigrants crossing into this country every day. People whom we have to take care of and shelter with food and of course a new cell phone and a drivers license.

Well, I was wrong, it’s the economy that is the number one issue facing the country. According to a CBS News/YouGov poll, 21 percent of Americans cited immigration and the U.S. Mexico border as the most their most important issue. However, 29 percent say the economy is the most important.

“Support for Biden’s immigration policy is now at its lowest point on record,” according to a story in The Capitol Guardian. “An increasing number of Americans see the border as a crisis compared to ten months ago and want harsher treatment of illegals.

The story further stated, “Democrats, in particular, are growing weary of the modern policy of transporting illegal immigrants from largely Republican Border States to largely Democratic run northern states.”

Bill Wilson, the former president of Americans for Limited Government wrote this, “Biden and the Democratic Party’s refusal to secure the border and deport those who break the law and enter our country illegally has created one of the most anti-immigration generations in decades. By refusing to enforce the laws, and denying proper funding to our border patrol, globalists have turned one of the most hospitable counties on earth against an immigration system many Americans now view as exploitative and unfair. These views are rising not only on the right, but among independents and Democrats as well, who are increasingly dissatisfied with the lawlessness of the modern immigration system, and demand the laws be enforced.”

I do not know of any immigrants being bused into our small community neighborhoods, so I do not know what it is like to attempt to care for those that have arrived in those big sanctuary cities like Chicago and New York. I do not know, how I would feel if a bus load of immigrants showed up in the city park a couple of blocks from my home.

Biden is asking congress for more money to hire more border guards to vet those new arrivals. More money? Close the border and we would not need more guards.

As for the economy, we all feel the pinch when we go to buy a product or service with our dollar coming up short at the store. I am happy to report that the price at the gas pump has moderated somewhat over the past few months and I hope that price drop continues. 

But, the local property taxes took a big jump this year at my house and business. Most of the increase was in my school tax, in the Glenwood City School District, that increased by $670.85 on the property that I own in the school district. 

That was an increase of some 24.1 percent in the Glenwood City district, so I looked over my tax bill from Colfax and the school district there showed an 8.8 percent increase and at Hayward, that tax bill for the school was up 0.6 percent.

I did get a good cost of living increase on my monthly Social Security income, but not in any way that will cover the extra cost of every thing that we are all facing.

Thanks for reading!     ~Carlton

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