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Off the Publisher’s Desk 12-6-2023

Just when I thought I was getting a handle on “Bidenomics”, it’s being abandoned

In last week’s column I tried to figure out what was “Bidenomics” that President Biden has been pushing and telling us about how great it is. Two days after we published the paper, I now read that because he is unable to run on his record, Biden is shifting his campaign from “Bidenomics: to attacks on Trump.

In an original op-ed published in the Capitol Guardian last Wednesday, it tells the following story.

“President Joe Biden is abandoning “Bidenomics” and plans to run not on his own record but against Trump seizing power and abortion. While this isn’t particularly surprising – Biden has a catastrophic record on the economy, immigration, foreign policy, and most other metrics Americans care about – it is a palpable shift from earlier in the year. This summer, Biden was paraded across the country to espouse the virtues of “Bidenomics” and apparently advised to lean heavily into what his presidency had done for Americans. When it became clear that “Bidenomics” was agitating voters and confusing even Biden himself, who declared he didn’t “know what the hell that is” in a Philadelphia speech, campaign officials scrambbled to move forward with the new strategy.

“Gone, almost entirely is a focus on Biden’s own record, and replacing it is a tried-and-true Democratic favorite – attack Trump and terrorize the public with doomful scenarios Democrats claim will engulf the nation if Trump is reelected.

“And now a Biden campaign press release shows his advisors are planning to combat widespread discontentment with his record with an attack launched at Trump, focusing on the GOP’s impact on abortion if Trump wins again.”

OK, so you don’t want to worry about “Bidenomics” or “Reaganomics” or any other government handout program, then I will give you something to worry about and that is the projected government debt. Within the next fifteen years it will stand at 100 trillion dollars. The interest on that amount will be sufficient to fund the Social Security.

That 100 trillion is being placed on the backs of our grandchildren, great grandchildren and beyond that.

In an interesting note, I received a letter last week from the Social Security Administration telling me that I will be getting a 3.2 percent increase in my monthly check, along with more than 71 million other people. Many people see the Social Security money is just another government handout. I feel somewhat different about that money. I have paid into social security for almost 65 years and being self employed I have to pay both my half and the employers half for a total of 15.3 percent of my income, which also includes Medicare. So I paid in, and now I am collecting and paying taxes on that Social Security benefit.

So I have not seen any benefit to me or any other persons in our community having been helped by “Bidenomics.”

The price at the gas pump is down, but not where it was three years ago and price increases have slowed but continue upward, but at a slower pace.

Here is what I think, those who we have elected will tell us in the future. “We know the price everyday goods has doubled in the last twenty years, but so has your income and that will make our great debt not look so bad.” –2030 elected official.

Thanks for reading!     ~Carlton

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