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Off the Editor’s Desk 11-15-23

I miss read election issues!

I have a long list of election issues that I thought were on top of what items needed to be addressed for the upcoming presidential election that is now less than a year away.

My list did not include abortion and apparently that one item is what the Democratic Party is using for its top election issue. Many states held state elections last Tuesday, Wisconsin was not one of them, but the result is that it was a Democratic victory in almost all of those states.

Probably the only exception was in Mississippi where incumbent Republican Governor Tate Reeves garnered 51.6 percent of the votes over Democratic challenger Brandon Presley. It appears to me that voters are still upset over Roe v. Wade being overturned by the Supreme Court.

Americans for Limited Government posted the following: “It might be hard to imagine a Democrat winning in Kentucky, a state Donald Trump will easily win next year, or a Republican winning just as easily in a state where there are some voters still angry about Roe v. Wade and abortions being banned statewide. But, they both did comfortable. Similar forces will be at play in 2024 when President Biden stands for reelection. Incumbent presidents usually win about two-thirds of the time right off the bat. The most recent defeated former presidents Donald Trump, George H. W. Bush, Jimmy Cater and Herbert Hoover all had economic recessions during their terms of office. 2024 might be a reckoning for Joe Biden, but Republicans must not lose sight that incumbents usually win and it won’t be easy.”

One thing that might over shadow the abortion issue is the current war in Israel and if that is still raging a year from now, Biden is in trouble.

I have the feeling that if Trump were in the White House, there would have been no Russian invasion of Ukraine or no war in Israel. The United States needs to project a strong front that is a deterrent to any country that wants to gobble up their neighbors’ land. Biden has made us look weak. Biden is meeting with China’s leader this week and his agenda is “Climate Change” and not that China wants to be “King of the Hill.”

On October 7th following the attack on Israel by Hamas, Biden projected a strong support of Israel by stating; “Today, the people of Israel are under attack, I want to say to them and to the world and to terrorists everywhere that the United States stands with Israel. We will never fail to have their back.” But a week later his tone softened and he indicated, “that there needs to be a Palestinian state.”

Now we have student-protesting going on all over the country, and it is hard for me to tell whom they are supporting. It does not look like most of the protests are supporting Israel or the Jewish community and from what I have seen in news reports from the middle of those protesting, I am not sure they know who the bad guys are.

I received a press release last week from a Nadia Iftikhar Malik of Marquette University in Milwaukee from the Wisconsin Muslims Leaders of a press conference last Thursday. I did not get the release until Friday, but they are pledging to abandon Biden as a result of his failure to end Israel’s genocidal attacks on the civilians of Gaza.

It is apparent to me that they are not aware of who is responsible for this war, because they don’t mention the October 7th attack by Hamas on the civilian population of Israel that left over thousand men women and children dead and the holding of several hundred hostages including several Americans. Everyone needs to get the facts straight and put an end to this hate and killing.

“We know only too well that war comes not when the forces of freedom are strong, but when they are weak. – It’s then that tyrants are tempted.” ~Ronal Reagan

Thanks for reading!     ~Carlton

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