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Off the Editor’s Desk 11-1-2023

Let’s get along, but we never have!

Neighbors that can’t get along with their neighbors are at war again in the Middle East with Israel and its Arab neighbors fighting over the small piece of land. This time Israel is protecting it’s population and has promised to rid the world of the people and originations that would destroy the Jewish homeland. Here is a case of two different religions and cultures that can’t come together and live in peace. This war is just getting started and the war in Ukraine is now into its second year with no ending in site and is draining the world’s assets.

Of course in Ukraine it’s the power hungry, want-a-be king of the earth, Putin, but for the Arabs and Jews its mostly has to do with religion, or would it be better said that Arabs’ belief and their training, demand death to Jews. This is not a new fight, its been going on for centuries, but now they have added “death to Americans.”

If you look different, you are looked down upon. Take the Italians in New York a century ago, the Poles where the brunt of jokes, the Swedes and Norwegians did not see eye to eye. Out west it was the Chinese immigrants that were at the bottom of the ladder. Oh, I forgot about the Native Americans and the African Americans and we tried to mix them altogether and the pot is still boiling here in America.

Even locally; I can remember as a youngster, we were separated by religion. My schoolmate friends were of a different religion than I was, and I was told that I could not come into their church and of course they would not visit mine. Stories were heard of a child being ousted from his or her family because they married outside of the family’s religion. 

Things are much better today and I know that I can attend church service in any of our local churches and I know I would feel welcome. Now lets move that feeling out into the world.

In an interview, Henry Kissinger spoke about the impact runaway immigration has had on the nation of his birth (Germany); he may just as well have been speaking of his adopted home in America.

He said: “It was a grave mistake to let in so many people of totally different culture and religion and concepts, because it creates a pressure group inside each country that does that.”

Kissinger was referring to the anti-Israel protests in Germany resulting in the recent Hamas attacks. He could just have as well been referring to all the protests of Israel and Jews here in America, especially at some of our major universities.

If you are under the age of 35, you may just be wondering, “Who is Henry Kissinger?”

He was probably the most influential foreign policy voice of the last 50 years in the United States. As Richard Nixon’s Secretary of State, he helped Nixon open China to international trade and won a Nobel Peace Prize for negotiating the Paris Peace Accords.

He escaped Nazis Germany in the 1930s and came to America and he is still very sharp at 100 years old.

Information for this article came from the magazine “Chronicle” written by Brian Lonergan, who concluded, “A nation with unregulated borders may sound like a nice humanitarian concept, but in practice it is opening the doors to the bad actors of the world.”

Thanks for reading!     ~Carlton

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