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Small fire in heating unit clears school

SCHOOL FIRE — Glenwood City Firefighters located the source of the smoke that had been observed in a centrally located classroom at the Glenwood City High School, it was found to be a heating unit.
­—photo by Shawn DeWitt

A small fire in one of the Glenwood City School buildings rooftop heating unit cleared staff and students out of the school building for just under one hour on September 27th. There were no injuries reported and just a little smoke was reported in the school building.

The following is a report from District Administrator Patrick Olson about the event. “This morning at approximately 8:00 a.m., the Glenwood City Fire Department was dispatched to Glenwood City Schools as a result of smoke observed in a classroom located within the central part of the building. Students and staff already in the building were evacuated per our safety procedures. The timing of the incident was concurrent to the start of the school day. Upon arrival, our students were held safely on the buses and staff assisted with supervision throughout the duration of the evacuation.

Chief Holden and the Glenwood City Fire Department investigated the source of the smoke and it was identified as a malfunction with a rooftop unit in the middle school. Chief Holden and the Glenwood City Fire Department then gave permission to allow students and staff back in the building except for impacted areas. At this time, the Glenwood City School K-12 building is clear and we are back to normal operations.

It is always our intention to communicate important information with families as soon as possible. Our primary concern is the safety and security of the students and communication with families will occur as soon as safety protocols allow us to do so.”

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