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Off the Editor’s Desk – 9-20-23

A few things we need to discuss!

I was listening to an expert on electric vehicles on my car radio early Monday morning, he was comparing electric to gas powered cars. I did not get his name, but, he noted that with all the drawbacks of electric vehicles at this time, it will be some three to four decades before the public will accept electric power over gasoline powered vehicles.


From Carson News—

“Former President Donald Trump, who is facing four criminal indictments, said in an interview Sunday that he doesn’t even think about the possibility he could end up in prison.”


A couple of people told me that I made a mistake when I blamed President Biden for the high price of gasoline, including a letter to the editor that is printed this week. I know one thing, if gasoline was at a buck and a half, Biden would be taking credit.


From the Hoover Institute

“Capitalism has become a easy target in recent years—especially among young people and the media. They often argue it creates significant inequality and doesn’t do enough to help the poor. While capitalism has imperfections, there is a very compelling case to be made that it is a much more humane system than socialism.”


Even with the high price of gasoline, people are not staying at home including me. On Friday, I went across the river at Stillwater and then ended up in Hayward Saturday afternoon. All I can say about traffic, there were more vehicles than the roads were designed to carry. At Stillwater traffic was backed-up from one stop light to the next. Anyone for mass transit?


From the Constitutional Rights, by Libby Emmons.

“Hunter Biden has been indicted on felony gun charges in the state of Delaware. This after a plea deal fell through earlier this summer that would have let him off the hook on these charges.

“Biden had been accused of lying on an FBI background check form in order to purchase a firearm, one Colt Cobra 38SPL revolver. He said that he was not a drug user when, in fact, he was. This was revealed in his own memoir Beautiful Things.”

How dumb is that? Lying on a legal form and then printing the truth in a book.


From the Conservative Woman.

“Parents in Albemarle County Pubic Schools in Virginia are continuing their legal battle against the school board, claiming that the curriculum promotes a racially divisive ideology. Five families comprising a racially and religiously diverse group appealed a lower court’s dismissal of their case last year. They argue that the school board policy enacted in 2019, incorporates Critical Race Theory—inspired ideas into the classroom violating students civil rights.”


And, an announcement on Fox News

“The father of a Virginia student sexually assaulted in her high school bathroom has been pardoned after his arrest two years ago protesting at a school board meeting became a flashpoint in the conservative push to increase parent involvement in public education.

“’Virginia Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin announced on Fox News a week ago that he had pardon Scott Smith of his disorderly conduct conviction stemming from the June 2021 incident.’ According to a local news source, who reported that Smith had argued loudly, clenched his fist and sworn at a woman while demanding answers over the handling of his daughter’s assault?

According to the report, a male student in a dress attacked Smith’s daughter and after the assault was reported, that male student was transferred to another school where it is reported that he assaulted another female student.

“’Scott Smith is a dedicated parent, who’s faced unwarranted charges in his pursuit to protect his daughter,’ Gov. Youngkin said in a press release.”

Film of this event prompted the Biden Administration to call parents, “Domestic Terrorist.” 

The First Amendment of the Constitution gives you the right to address the school board for that matter, any elected board, to vent your frustration.

Thanks for reading!     ~Carlton

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