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Off the Editor’s Desk – 7-26-2023

I’m not buying an electric car yet!

It’s hot and summer is here in Wisconsin and if you watch anybody that thinks that they are well informed you will hear that the planet is getting warmer and that will raise the sea level, melt the ice, keep polar bears from getting food and change our life style.

“Record-high temperatures have been smashed in the United States and stretches of hot days have persisted longer than ever this July. These are more signs our planet is getting warmer, climate scientists say,” according to a story in the USA Today by Roman Padilla and Stephan J. Beard.

That story also contained an opinion by Professor Paul Andrew Mayewski, director at the Climate Change Institute at the University of Maine, stating; “July 4 – July 6 of this year we saw the largest daily global mean temperature increase on record for those days. Theirs is no doubt that the continents and oceans are warming. He also has observed warming in the arctic, where the extent of sea ice is one of the lowest in record.”

I recall my father-in-law telling me several times about the high temperatures here in Wisconsin back in the 1930s. His dad and many other farmers moved their milking cows north because of the heat and lack of rain to find green grass to feed their herd.

A piece by David L. Chandler; “Climate Myths: It’s been warmer in the past, what’s the big deal?”

“First of all, it is worth bearing in mine that any data or global temperature before about 150 years ago is an estimate, a reconstruction based on second-hand evidence such as ice cores and isotopic ratios. The evidence becomes sparser the further back we look, and its interpretation often involves a set of assumptions. In other words, a fair amount of guesswork.

“It is certainly true that earth has experienced some extremes that were warmer than today, as well as much colder periods. In some cases the main factors that cause these past warm periods—and the ebb and flow of ice ages over recent millennia—are well understood, though not in all.

“Within the past billion years, there may have been one or more periods where the whole planet was covered with ice.”

It looks to me that our leaders and those that are pushing the global warming narrative want us to stay at home, walk or ride a horse while they travel around the globe in their private jets or for the president, it’s on Air Force One a cost of somewhere around $148,000 per hour of flying time and it possibily burns more fuel per hour than I will in my car for the rest of my life.

If the people forecasting the weather on television are right we will have some high temperatures the rest of this week. Last week I recorded two inches of rain at my house. But, the big story here is the wind that struck and took down branches off a couple of trees in my yard and the local city cemetery has a big clean up of downed trees and branches from that wind. So it’s life as usual!

Here are a couple of weather records for your information. The highest recorded temperature in Wisconsin was at Wisconsin Dells on July 13, 1936 at 114 degress. Couderay is the coldest spot at 55 below on February second and fourth of 1996, and Mellon had the most rainfall in a 24-hour period at 11.72 inches.

So, I am not going out to buy an electric vehicle, but I will turn on my air conditioning. 

Thanks for reading!     ~Carlton

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