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Off the Publisher’s Desk 5-17-23

Only 18 months to go!

I watched two different Sunday morning talk shows on television. Both are noted for their political slant toward one party or the other. First program was where guests were talking about all the problems this county faces, like the debt limit, high prices for almost everything you buy. They put the blame on President Biden.

Turning to another program, they praised Biden for all the good things that he has done while heaping all the countries problems on the back of former President Trump. You have a choice as to where you get your brain washing done.

The election is still 18 months away and I have become sick of it already. 

BUT, we must consider that any serious candidate needs all this time to get his or her name and program out in front of the American public. The sooner you start the more contact you can make with the voting public, but there are many of us that vote for the candidate that carries the donkey flag or the elephant flag on their campaign.

So Monday morning I went to look at what the Capitol Guardian has to say about what is 18 months away.

“President Biden announced his candidacy for a second term to mild enthusiasm and significant criticism from the public. His announcement that he will seek reelection comes at a time when many in his own party, want a new candidate. According to FiveThirtyEight, Biden’s average approval rating is at 43 percent and nearly two-thirds of Americans (62%) would be dissatisfied or angry if Biden were to run again.”

“Robert Kennedy, Jr. continues to pick up steam in the Democratic presidential primary, rising to 21 percent compared to Biden’s 70 percent, according to a recent poll.

“In the Republican primary, former President Donald Trump has opened a 46-point lead among his closest GOP rivals, including Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, 62 percent to 16 percent with former Vice President Mike Pence with seven percent.”

I watched some of DeSantis’s Iowa campaigning this past weekend and he did a great job and I would suspect that his approval rating would increase.

I also heard a comment from some television guest about who voted for Joe Biden in 2020. “No one voted for Biden, they voted against Trump.” A statement that might be a big factor in 2024 if it were a Biden/Trump contest.

Right now who is the Democrat running against Joe Biden in the primary. As I mentioned above, Robert Kennedy, Jr. has a 21 percent approval rating against Biden. But, who is Robert Kennedy, Jr.? He is a 69-year old American Environmental attorney and anti-vaccine activist. He is a member of the prominent Kennedy family and his uncle was President John F. Kennedy. He parents are Robert F. and Ethel Kennedy. By the way, he is only worth about $50 million.

So there you are! Two new names to add to your list of possible candidates for president, and I am sure that there will probably be more people throwing their hat into the race in the next few months.

Thanks for reading!     ~Carlton

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