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Off the Editor’s Desk 1-25-2023

Directing your attention away from what matters!

“Last week, U. S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warned Congress that the $31.4 trillion debt ceiling was coming due on January 19 and that Congress had better act to increase or else, boy, would there be hell to pay.

The sun rose on January 19. Nothing happened. There was no default on the $31.4 trillion U. S. national debt as the Treasury continues to refinance existing debt up to the statutory debt limit as Congress considers the terms for an increase.

“A comet did not strike the U. S. economy. Interest rates did not suddenly skyrocket as the U.S. government failed to pay its obligations to bond holders. Foreign nations such as Japan or the United Kingdom have held onto their stockpiles of U. S. treasuries, continuing the years-long arrangement of preserving the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. Remarkably, despite elevated 6.5 percent inflation, 10-year treasuries remain sticky at just 3.4 percent.” This information comes from Robert Romano, the Vice President of Public Policy at Americans for Limited Government.

Would the Biden Administration have us focus our attention to the enormous debt our county has and trying to keep our attention away from the classified documents that Joe Biden has stored all over several states? It appears that unlike President Trump, who stored his declassified document in a safe and secure room, Biden had documents in his office, think tank in Washington, his home in Delaware and another batch in his summer home. It has been reported that some of the documents showed up in Washington D.C. “China Town.” Apparently some of these documents are from the time when Biden was Vice President and some date back to when he served in the United States Senate.

One thing that really bothers me is that the federal government knew about the unauthorized storage of these documents for several months, but withheld that information from the public until well after the November mid-term elections, why?

 Congressman Byron Donalds (R-FL) in an email letter to me wrote; “Unlike President Trump, Biden had no ability to declassify documents and his family is in business with the Chinese government.” That makes me wonder who could have read those papers and if any information from those documents fell into the hands of the Chinese Communist Party?

According to Rep. Donalds, Attorney General Merrick Garland considered having FBI agents monitor the search for additional classified document by Biden lawyers but decided against it to avoid complicating later stages of the investigation.

When the FBI searched the Trump home, they did the searching and did not allow Trump’s lawyers to assist, but for Biden, his lawyers did the search. Now if that is not double standard, I don’t know what is.

The pile of you know what just keeps getting deeper in our Nations Capitol and the smell has made its way all cross our great land.

Thanks for reading!     ~Carlton

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