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Off the Editor’s Desk 1-4-2023


Have you had your Covid-19 shots? Covid-19 vaccines are now authorized for nearly everyone six months and older. It was back in the middle of March 2020 that almost everything was closed down because of the Coronaviris Pandemic. I was in Las Vegas when the casinos shut their doors and sent me home a day earlier than we had planned to leave.

I did not get vaccinated for the virus and did test positive back in August this year and took medication in pill form for three days and that knocked the virus out of me, and tests on the fourth and fifth day were negative.

That brings me to the dumb idea that we needed to force everyone to get vaccinated for the Coronavirus and close schools and business to save the planet. Well, I had a close friend that got all his shots and boosters, and then he was stricken with a heart aliment. He told me several times that he blamed those shots for his heart problem. I have heard the same story from other people that blamed the shots for their ills.

We require all our kids to be vaccinated for all the childhood illnesses before they can attend school, and a lot of government offices and private companies required their employees to get the Covid-19 shots before returning to work.

Now, I wonder how many people that are immigrating to the United States by the way of our Southern Border have been vaccinated for any of the communicable diseases that plague the world.

Instead we welcome those people and move them all over the nation without any idea if they have been protected from all the ills that can attack the human body.

Could what happened to the Native Americans happen again to our population? Arriving Europeans nearly wiped out the Native population. The European visitors brought with them diseases to which the Indians had no immunity, including smallpox, measles, tuberculosis, cholera and bubonic plaque.

Maine’s Passamaquoddy Indians, who were among the first to make contact with Europeans, were devastated by a typhus epidemic in 1586. Other diseases brought the Passamaquoddy population to 4,000 from 20,000. 

Last week I watched a TV program that estimate some 5.1 million people will cross the southern border in 2023 and you and I know that they will be spread out all over our country and if they are not protected by being vaccinated, how many of us will suffer? How are our schools going to accept these kids that are without any documentation on health issues.

Beside the number of arriving immigrants, and the diseases that they may bring, coming along with them are drugs, enough to kill every one of us that are here now, plus undesirable people that bring violence to our county.

We lost over 2,000 people on December 7, 1941, and about the same number on 9-11 and the number of deaths from drugs makes those numbers look small. All those drug deaths should be on President Biden’s shoulders and he needs to take action to stop the flow of death into the United States.

Thanks for reading! ~Carlton

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