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Off the Editor’s Desk 11-8-2022

Did you vote?

I hope you voted and if you did not, don’t complain about what the government is up to spending your hard earned dollar. I wrote this piece on the day before the November 8th election.

A couple of things came to my attention on Monday that we need to discuss, one was where Donald Trump will some time later this month announce that he will be running for president again. Another was the student loan forgiveness program and items about our unbalanced legal system.

A story penned by Brett Samuels for Nexstar Media Wire quoting Trump at a rally in Iowa last week as stating, “I will very, very, very probably do it again.”

The story goes on to report what Kellyanne Conway, who served as Trump’s 2016 campaign manager as saying, “I give him a ton of credit for not announcing this year, for not stepping in the way of midterm candidates, I think you can expect him to announce soon.”

“Trump’s daughter, Tiffany Trump, is scheduled to get married at his Mar-a-Lago estate on November 12. An announcement could come shortly after that event,” the story indicated.

Who might also be a candidate in 2024 for president on the Republican Ticket? Names like Mike Pence, former V. P.; Mike Pompeo, former Sec. of State; former New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie.

A story in Liberty Planet states, “Critics are blasting President Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness program efforts after a recent poll revealed that people who apply for the program will most likely spend the additional money on non-essential things such as vacations.”

Larry Klayman the founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch wrote in a letter that I recently received with the headline, “Free the January 6th Protesters.”

He wrote, “Right now, un-American politicians and corrupt members of the Department of Justice are keeping hundreds of our fellow Americans in jail without due process, they’re often abused and beaten, they’re blocked from seeing their wives and children, and kept form seeing their lawyers.”

If any of that information is true, we then can call our leaders “Gestapo”, what a chilling thought.

I watched clips of former President Obama campaigning for Democratic candidates this past week and I wish he and Trump would spend their time bringing people together in an attempt to heal this country before we end up in a civil war.

If you watch the news you will see politicians’ homes, Supreme Court Justices’, residences being attacked, people being arrested for protesting in front of abortion clinics, while terrorists burn pro-life offices and are not arrested.

Last week I attended a Senator Ron Johnson rally in Hudson that was well attended. Monday morning I received an email from him which stated; “I have never seen the Left more aggressive and out of control as they are in the last few days and week. Long gone are the days of polite discourse, the days when we could have disagreements without it ending in riots and chaos. Not only is the left posting the personal addresses of members of the Supreme Court on Twitter, but in Washington D.C., activists are giving cash to restaurants to “out” Supreme Court members if they dine in.

Thanks for reading!     ~Carlton

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