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Off the Editor’s Desk 11-2-2022

They can’t talk about the issues!

As we near the end of the mid-term election cycle all we hear from Democratic candidates is about abortion or the January 6th Capitol event. They will not engage into any type of discussion about all the other ills that this country is facing.

I would ask if you know who Steve Bannon is? On October 21st he got four months in a federal prison for not testifying before the January 6th House Committee. This is just another attempt by the Democrats to try to focus our attention away from all those other ills that we face.

Americans for Limited Government President, Rick Manning responded this way about the prison term. “The sentencing of Steven Bannon to four months in federal prison for a nothing process crime is a last-ditch attempt by the January 6 committee to show it has relevance is pathetic and will make Mr. Bannon a martyr. Mr. Bannon, who offered to testify before the committee, after courts rejected his executive privilege claim, was then never allowed to testify as the Justice Department proceeded with the prosecution. It is obvious that House Democrats never cared about what Mr. Bannon had to say, and were more interested in triggering nothing process crimes.

“Now, they are visibly attempting the same garbage with a last minute subpoena of former President Donald Trump, as their committee comes to a close. If Nancy Pelosi wants to ensure that Donald Trump becomes president on January 20, 2025 at noon, she will proceed with this martyr-making tactic. It is not hard to predict that Trump will simply say, ‘Bring it on, Nancy!’”

It is not hard for me to feel that the departments in the federal government that are entrusted with our well being are now nothing more than an arm of the Democratic party and are doing their bidding in an attempt to silence any opposition to their focus on power grabbing.

At the grocery store the other day I found a head of lettuce at five bucks and a pound of butter at four dollars. So is it a pound of butter or a gallon of gasoline. We will have to mortgage our home to buy both.

So, I urge you to all go to the polls next Tuesday and vote your pocketbook, because we need a change and simply, we can’t afford another two years of what is happening to our country.

Another thing that we don’t hear much about is the rising mortgage rates for homebuyers. A report in the middle of October put the 30-year rate at 6.94 percent. So what was affordable earlier this year is now out of reach, and I would say that the interest rates will continue to climb. I wish that I had better news for us all, and maybe after November 8th I will have.

Thanks for reading!~Carlton

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