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Off the Editor’s Desk 8-10-2022

Beware of the Government

We all have heard stories about how our federal government is making it harder for us citizens to address our grievances to our government.

There is the story of people who faced federal forces for challenging school boards. People that were involved in the January 6th ruckus at the capitol in Washington D. C. are still behind bars, and not the bar you drink at.

The federal government is forcing us into driving electric cars, by keeping the price of gasoline high. What could be more detrimental to our environment than a couple million used and dead batteries removed for motor vehicles each year.

It was early this summer that we all heard about Elon Musk’s attempted take over of Twitter. But, the Government got involved. According to the Capitol Guardian, the Federal Trade Commission, headed by a Lina Khan, “jumped into the fray when Musk announced his intent to takeover Twitter, the FTC didn’t care if Twitter it itself was cooking the books in its reporting of how many actual, real live users they have, but instead chose to evaluate whether it posed antitrust concerns. But, unless Twitter is going to suddenly be competing in the rocketship or electric vehicle markets, no reasonable person would see this purchase as having antitrust concerns. But Kahn and the FTC isn’t reasonable, and it interjected itself into Mr. Musk’s business, perhaps at the behest of the chair’s former employer, the Open Market Institute, to send a message and throw regulatory sand in the gears.

“The Biden FTC lead by Khan, is attempting to fundamentally transform our economy by doing away with the traditions and rules designed to prevent this powerful agency from injecting politics into its decision-making. It is actually more than happy to impose undue burdens on business, launching cases against high-profile companies and industries to gain headlines and advance a regulatory agenda.”

Now, I bring this information about Twitter knowing that none of us were very concerned about what was happening with Musk and Twitter, because it involved billions of dollars, none of which was taxpayer’s dollars, I hope.

Now here comes a bill that is directed too all of us who make less than $400,000 annually and I think that puts everyone reading this piece a target for the federals.

Here is what Richard Manning of Americans for Limited Government has to say about the bill coming out of the capitol.

“The Democrats partisan reconciliation bill would provide the IRS with an additional $80 Billion to hire up to 87,000 new employees, more than doubling the size of the agency and giving the IRS more employees than the number of Pentagon, State Department, FBI employees as well as the Border Agents combined.”

And, with all those new employees we all can look forward to having our income tax forms investigated by one of those new employees. The bill will also see that we pay more of our hard earned money to the federal government at a time when the cost of living is jumping at an almost double figure rate. We all can see the cost of everything we buy going up and there is no end in sight. Our only hope is that we go to the polls in November and say goodbye to those people in congress that are imposing these rules and taxes upon us.

Thanks for reading!     ~Carlton

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