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Off the Editor’s Desk 6-15-2022

We need to vote!

I watched Fox News in the morning the last three days and they were promoting Pete Hegseth’s new book “Battle for the American Mind.” Apparently it deals with how the left has destroyed our education system. While I watched the program, they recommend that we withdraw our children from the public schools and find a private school, best are a Christian schools, they felt.

I think that maybe they are going a little too far, but I will buy that book and read it and try to balance out all the information. But we all know that over the past several years where parents have questioning school boards about what their children are being taught. There was a story not to long ago that had the Department of Justice harassing parents for challenging school boards in their hometowns.

Looking at what the Democrats are now doing is attempting to get us to focus are attention on things other than the high price of gas, and other things including the supply of needed goods.

They want us to focus on things other than how bad the economic is in the United States. They would have to spend time on the January 6th invasion of the Capitol, climate control, and electric vehicles and take away our guns.

I have to pat President Biden on his visit to Texas over the recent shooting at a school. He delivered a speech listing ideas to how to stop; most of the ideas were not new, and he let a golden opportunity go by when he could have also addressed the drug problems we have.

I have written about the drug problems in this country before. Here are some details that I have found about drug deaths compared to gun deaths. Last year, 2021, there were 45,013 total gun deaths (homicide, suicide, and accidental). That is a big number and any idea that could reduce that would be welcomed.

But, fentanyl, deaths during the same period were 57,834 and that is just fentanyl and not all the other drugs that are available on the street. “Biden’s refusal to enforce federal immigration law is resulting in record high fentanyl overdoses.”

They want us to focus our attention on what does not matter. The January 6th Capitol thing, was not a nice thing for those rioters in Washington D. C. and the House is making a big projection over it when we need to focus our attention on the future. Besides just a year before the Democrats were calling the people that burned down Minneapolis and Kenosha and many other American city’s “Peaceful demonstrators”.

Vivekananda Jayakumar, a professor in the Economic Department at the University of Tampa is asking: “How resilient are U.S. consumers? He says we’ll soon find out. “The growing list of headwinds facing American households suggest that consumer resiliency will be put to the test in the coming quarters. A strong labor market offers temporary relief, but, as the economy cools, a potential uptick in the unemployment rate is inevitable. High cost-of-living, rising borrowing costs, falling real wages and declining asset values will test the durability of consumer spending in the coming quarters.”

Even is we make a change in administrations, the hole we are in is so deep that it will take many years to correct. So, our first chance to make a change is this coming November, so vote.

Thanks for reading!     ~Carlton

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