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Off the Editor’s Desk 6-8-22

Biden is coming after your guns!

I watched President Biden’s speech last week and he made it through the entire speech without stumbling, but one thing that he made clear, is that he is going to try to take our guns away.

His speech was his response to the recent violence at a Texas school and his solution is to take away our guns with programs that we have all heard before, and he had nothing new to add to the agenda. He did not take my advice to have armed guards at the front door of schools to stop armed person from entering a school.

He wants to allow gun manufactures to be sued if their product is used in a shooting. That’s like taking action against a carmaker, if their car is involved in an accident.

Biden also wants to ban large capacity magazines. That makes me think that he does not have any idea on how quick a person can change a magazine on a gun, which only takes a few seconds.

Here is what Gregg Jarrett of Fox News had to say about Biden’s speech. “President Joe Biden is demanding that Congress act immediately to ban assault weapons in America such as the AR-15 that was used in several recent mass shootings. As we grieve the horrific loss of life, it is understandable that emotions are running high. And while emotions often lead to action, those actions are not always lawful. This is Biden’s real dilemma, his obstacle to the gun control measures he envisions is that pesky document called the Constitution and, specifically, the Second Amendment. As a lawyer, he should know this but apparently does not. Someone should clue him in. If he does not know, then he’s guilty of recklessness for the sake of demagoguery.”

He also addressed the need for more mental health experts that will be the ones that can tell that you are not well enough to posses a gun. That scares me to no end. Having a government employee who is an anti-gun person labeling you as unfit to own a gun, and then Biden’s henchmen show up a your door to take your guns, without due process. 

Biden’s attack on the Second Amendment may be an impeachable offense as he has sworn to protect the Constitution. He wants to work with the Congress to solve the shootings in America. And, I am all with that idea, but his idea of working together is blaming someone else for our problems. President Harry Truman had the right idea, “The buck stops at the Presidents desk.”

I would also like to note a piece that was in The Capitol Guardian that in his Wall Street Journal op-ed Biden wrote: “My Plan for Fighting inflation” on May 30, President Joe Biden promised to boost American energy production, “We need to take every practical step to make things more affordable for families during this moment of economic uncertainty, and to boost the productive capacity of our economy over time.” Biden is right, we need to boost production. So why isn’t he doing it? In fact, U. S. crude oil refinery input is still lower today than pre-Covid times. According to the EIA, the gross input of atmospheric crude oil distillation units so far in 2022 has averaged 15.67 million barrels per day. Compare that to the 16.99 million barrels per day in 2019, or the 17.3 million barrels per day in 2018 under Trump before the pandemic in 2020.”

We are suffering at the gas pumps, grocery stores and every other item that we need has increased in price over the last year. Not only price increase, but, many items are not available or are out many months.

Thanks for reading!     ~Carlton

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