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Off the Editor’s Desk 6-1-2022

Gun Free Zones don’t work!

How many more public places have to be shot up before we realize that putting a sign on the front door that says “Guns banned from this facility” is a waste of time and paper. 

It might work if there was an armed guard behind that sign and that is what we need to protect our young ones.

The Capitol Guardian suggested this: “With Biden’s gun ban rhetoric, the opportunity to look at and learn from the assailant and the protective systems in place in the schools to hopefully create a better opportunity to protect our nation’s children from future attacks by the insane are thwarted.”

As I watched the television coverage of the recent school shooting in Uvalde, TX, I questioned myself; how come some make it a political agenda to suggest a cure for the problem is to take away guns from the population.

That is like me suggesting that we should ban all cars because some nut drove a car and caused a crash that killed and injured some people. It’s the nut behind the trigger or the steering wheel and when we all come to that conclusion, we will be closer to curing the problem. As I watched FOX News after the Texas shooting, they interviewed a fellow who had lost a daughter to a shooting some time ago and he noted that we send $40 billion dollars to Ukraine to aid them in their fight against Russia. He suggested that the same amount be funneled to our school systems to pay for a guard at the door. 

I am going along with the notion that all school doors be locked except the one where the armed guard is standing protecting the little ones.

Some have heard suggestions that we arm the school staff and maybe some kids. I am completely against that. Lets hire a trained guard and arm him or her and I will bet that the guard will be a deterrent for some other nut to stand down from attacking a school.

Looking over the record since January 1st of this year, there have been 30 incidents of shootings, mostly in schools, which has killed 30 people. With the school at Uvalde, TX being the worst.

From what I have learned over the past week is that most of these shooters are young people some as young as 15, and I have learned that some of them come from a fatherless home.

On May 17 of this year an eight-year-old child found his mother’s gun under his mother’s bed, took it to school in his backpack. The gun accidentally discharged in the students backpack in the classroom and injured a seven-year-old classmate. The mother, who is 28, is charged with three counts of child endangerment.

Back in 2018, there were 27 incidents (we have already had 30 this year) in 16 states with 213 casualties, excluding the shooter. 85 killed, 2 law enforcement officers and one unarmed security guard, with 128 wounded including six law enforcement officers. 16 of the 27 took place in an area of commerce and business environment resulting in 41 killed and 61 wounded.

Five of the 27 happened in an educational environment, resulting in 29 killed and 52 wounded. Two happened in a health care facility and one in a church and one on government property.

Now, what I am hopping that with those figures you will see a need for armed guards until we can get a better handle on the environment that creates a person that picks up a gun and shoots someone.

For me, I think that we see too much violence in front of the screen.

Thanks for reading!     ~Carlton

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