Next Tuesday is primary election day!

A partisan primary election to choose party candidates for the November General election will be held next Tuesday, August 11th. This election is to choose party candidates for county, state and congressional offices.

Electors can only vote on one party’s ballot and ballot notices for both St. Croix County and Dunn County are included with this issue of the Tribune Press Reporter. Dunn County’s official ballot notice appears within this issue while the St. Croix County notice is a special supplement included with all newspapers going to St. Croix County residents.

Voters can choose one of the three party ballots, Democratic, Republican or Constitution. However, there are no candidates listed under on the Constitution party.

On ballots in St. Croix County for Representative to Congress for the Seventh Congressional District, Tricia Zunker is the Democratic candidate while incumbent Tom Tiffany is on the Republican ballot. Dunn County is in the Third Congressional District and the Democratic candidates are Mark Neumann, who in 2010 ran as a Republican for Wisconsin Governor, and incumbent Ron Kind. The winner will face the winner of the Republican race between Derrick Van Orden and Jessi Ebben in the November general election.

For Wisconsin State Senator for the 10th District, which includes St. Croix, Polk and part of Dunn County incumbent Patty Schachtner is running unopposed on the Democratic ticket. But on the Republican ticket, Rob Stafsholt and Cherie Link are seeking the spot on the November ballot.

For the Assembly District Number 29, which includes part of St. Croix and Dunn Counties three candidates appear on the Republican ticket including Clint Moses, Ryan Sherley and Neil Kline while John Rocco Calabrese appears on the Democratic ticket.

County Offices

For St. Croix County Courthouse offices on the Democratic ticket include Cindy Campbell incumbent for County Clerk and Beth Pabst for Register of Deeds. On the Republican side, Denise Anderson is running for County Treasurer, and Karl Anderson and Amber Hahn are seeking the District Attorney’s office.

In Dunn County Julie A. Wathke is seeking to be returned as County Clerk and Heather M. Kuhn for Register of Deeds on the Democratic ticket and Andrea Nodolf as District Attorney on the Republican ticket, while Doris Meyer is running for County Treasurer.

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