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Dunn County Turning the dial

DUNN COUNTY — Currently in Dunn County there are 20 confirmed cases of COVID-19; of these 20 cases, 9 have been released from isolation. We just want to reiterate how thankful we are that everyone has put so much effort into following the Safer At Home Orders put in place in April. Our hard work has paid off; last week it was announced that we are able to turn that dial one notch closer to re-opening our local economy.

On May 10th and 11th the Wisconsin Army National Guard held a testing event in Eau Claire; over these two days 505 tests were conducted. Residents of 14 Wisconsin counties got tested at the event. This includes 50 Dunn County residents, 48 Chippewa County residents and 372 Eau Claire County residents. The tests results are expected to be reported back to local health departments in 24 to 48 hours of the testing event.

Executive Order 36

On May 11th Secretary Andrea Palm put in place Order #36 underneath the Safer at Home order.

• In-person Retail: This order is allowing in-person retail at standalone shops. This means, that there must be a door way leading from the outside into this shop, such as a strip mall. Stores that rely on entrance through a mall or interconnected passage may not offer in-person retail at this time. The shops that are permitted to open must have less than five customers in the shop at any given time.

Face coverings are strongly encouraged for all staff members and customers.

Social distancing requirements must be observed at all times.

All stores operating must establish lines outside the store to regulate entry and markings indicating where customers should stand to remind 6 feet apart.

• Places of Public Amusement and Activity: Emergency Order #28 included the closure of places of public amusement and activity. The following exceptions are made under Order #36.

• Drive-in theaters may open, with the following restrictions:

Drive-in theaters may not offer outdoor seating.

Customers must remain in vehicle at all times unless purchasing food or drink or using the restroom.

Theater employees may deliver food to customers waiting in their vehicles.

Reservations and payments should be made in advance online or over the phone, if possible.

• Safe Business Practices:

All businesses that are open, including essential businesses and operations, are required to follow the safe business practices defined in the original Safer at Home Order and shall include the following in addition:

  All businesses shall review the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation guidelines created by the state.

• Safer at Home and Badger Bounce Back remains in effect and are only modified by the additions described in this Order.

• This Order is effective as of May 11th, 2020 and shall stay in effect for the duration of the Safer at Home Order.

• This Order supersedes any local order that is in conflict with this order.

We encourage you to frequently check the Dunn County website and to follow the Dunn County Facebook to keep up to date with the changes within our community.

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