Local businesses working together to help those in need

Bonnie's Donation Table

OUTSIDE of Bonnie’s Cafe in Glenwood City, a give-and-take table sits filled with food, toilietries, and other items for the Glenwood City area community. —photo by Amber Hayden

By Amber Hayden

GLENWOOD CITY — With a “Safer at Home” order still in place Bonnie’s Cafe and the Glenwood City Vet Clinic have been working together to help those in need of a hot meal that can’t make it out of their homes.

“I want to give people a hot meal,” said Bonnie. “It isn’t about the money right now, it’s about helping others out.”

Pelikan had contacted the senior center and asked what was going on when a customer was sent to her establishment after not being able to pick up a meal.

“I asked Barb and she said they couldn’t pick meals up right now because those picking up the meals weren’t following the rules of social distancing,” Pelikan stated.

Bonnie’s Cafe then teamed up with Vickie Wilke and the veterinary clinic in order to get meals to those that are staying at home.

Beginning on Monday, Bonnie’s Cafe along with Girl Scout troop #57873 started a give-or-take table located outside of the cafe and will keep items outside from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Bonnie stated there are several toiletry items, toilet paper, towels, books, games, and food sitting outside and as long as people practice safe distancing they will be able to continue to have the items outside.

She contacted the City Council as well as Police Chief Robert Darwin and was told it was a great idea and hoped that the community would be able to benefit from it.

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