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Off The Editor’s Desk – 10-31-2018

Can’t accept outcome of election!

Many people in the United States have yet to come to accept that Donald Trump won the election and is President of the United States. Get over it.

Here is another example of what our kids are faced with in colleges that attempt to push one political agenda upon them. This is something that I could not pass up to report to you about, and if it is true, what is being pushed on our kids?

According to a new psychological study of 800 students at the Arizona State University taken two months after Donald Trump shocked the world to win the presidency. Twenty-five percent of those kids exhibited symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder in relation to the results of the election.

Scientists with the study said the kids affected showed signs of stress equivalent to those exhibited by witnessing a major mass-shooting event.

Please contain your laughter.

“What we were interested in seeing was, did the election for some people constitute a traumatic experience?” said head researcher Melissa Hagen. Hagen said she thought she knew what might be at the center of the spike in PTSD. “There was a lot of discourse around race, identity, and what makes a valuable American,” she said.

I have to wonder how those 200 people with PTSD are feeling today after Trump has been in office for the past 20 months. All of the things he has gotten accomplished have made American great again. I will try to list a few including that North Korea has stopped firing missiles, we don’t pay ransoms for hostages; taxes are down; employment is up, unemployment is at a fifty year low; government regulations are down. Trump’s office lists 289 accomplishments in the last 20 months including arrest of MS-13 members; four million new jobs.

Even our Democratic Senator, Tammy Baldwin has an advertisement with a steel worker telling that American steel is now being used instead of foreign steel. She is taking credit for something that Trump accomplished.

That is why I am asking everyone to keep the ball rolling on “Making American Great Again,” by voting to keep the senate and house in Republican control.

And, speaking of taxes, our governor, Scott Walker has removed the state property taxes off our tax bill. Federal withholding schedule shows workers are taking more money home under Trump’s tax plan. Things improve when we get to keep the money we work hard to earn. We know better than the politicians on how to spend our money. The more we keep, the less they have to waste.

Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government, has this prediction about the November 6th election:

“When historians review the election results of 2018, it is likely that they will be examining how the Democrats turned almost certain victory into a stunning defeat simply by overplaying their hands and highlighting their intolerance toward opposing points of view. If any major Democrats had vocally opposed the mobs surrounding the Supreme Court confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh, they might have found sympathy, but rather than showing courage against their own base, national Democrats and those running for election in middle America embraced crazy.”

Thanks for reading! ~Carlton 

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