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Off The Editor’s Desk – 10-24-2018

The last Republican President?

Last week I read an article penned by Brett Aitken, Managing Director and senior analyst of Stanberry Research, titled “The last Republican President.” His opinion really hit home with the upcoming mid-term elections.

I would like to quote a few items from his story to inform you why he thinks Trump is the last Republican President.

“He’s like a Teflon President.

“Every political bombshell his enemies throw just bounces harmlessly off him.

“He’ll be running for re-election in a boom economy, and as if that weren’t enough, he’s a billionaire heading a lavishly funded political machine.

“Even so, I know that President Trump will go down as the first one-term President of this century, and almost certainly the last Republican President for a generation, and maybe longer.

“Now, a new and rising force in America holds the key to President Trump’s defeat. That force could banish not just Trump, but his entire Republican Party, from power for the next 20 years or more.

“This new era coming to America will impact just about every area of our life, from the taxes you pay, to when you retire, all the way down to the details like where you vacation or send your kids to school.”

Aitken bases his prediction on several things, one being that in the last two years, Republicans have been losing elections that they should have won. He list several including saying, “In rural Wisconsin, a Democrat unseated a Republican lawmaker despite Trump’s 17-point margin there two years ago.”

“Reward your supporters, punish your enemies.”

He notes that since Trump took office, 45 Republican lawmakers have been fired by votes.

“In short,” Aitken writes, “we believe this coming political tidal wave will elect an entire legion of politicians who:

“Reward their coalition of ‘Blue Wave’ votes by:

“Establishing a $15 minimum wage nationwide

“Install a Universal Basic Income which will cost taxpayers as much a $3 trillion a year.

“Tripling American’s staggering national debt as the country shoulders a more and more generous welfare state, to reward the Party’s backers.

“Implement a national sales tax, and hike taxes on American’s wealthiest citizens, in order to partially pay for a national single-payer, government run health care system.”

Other indicators that Aitken pointed out include that some 10,000 young people are turning 18 each day in the United States and they will support the Democratic program.

“I say Americans want handouts. Then there is the self-described socialist Bernie Sanders and the Democrat Socialists of American Party who has seen its membership grown by 700 percent since November 2016, and that’s not including the one-day spike of 1,152 new card carrying Socialist party members following Democrat Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s congressional win in June.”

Aitken compares the Blue Wave to when Franklin Roosevelt defeated Herbert Hoover in 1932 and it took 20 years of Democratic rule before Dwight Eisenhower regained the president and Republican rule in 1952.

I would ask each of you to ask or remember how your folks or grandparents felt about Franklin Roosevelt. Most would place him as the savior that brought us out of the Depression of the 1930s. But, he raised taxes and had the federal government loaded with giveaway programs in an attempt to give people employment.

But, even after five years of his presidency, unemployment in this county was still over 20 percent. It took the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor that thrust us into Word War II to get America to full employment making war materials and that really brought us out of the depression.

One has to think, that maybe it was Roosevelt’s policy that led us into that war?

Thanks for reading! ~Carlton 

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