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Off The Editor’s Desk – 11-17-208

What happened to the Democratic Party?

I am old enough that I can remember when the two political parties worked together for the benefit of every citizen of this great country.

But what has happened? It appears to me that the left wing of the Democratic Party has taken over and they will not tolerate anyone that has a different point of view than they have. Maybe it’s a power thing, they want to have the power of the government so they can control our lives and bend us into submission and follow their goose-stepping agenda.

The first time I felt that the left wing liberals had taken over the Democratic Party was in 2008. Remember Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher (Joe the Plumber)?

Wurzelbacher gained national attention when then candidate Obama was in Ohio campaigning and was asked by Wurzelbacher about his small business tax policy. Obama’s response was, “when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.”

Obama’s response was seized upon by conservative media, and by his rival Republican nominee Senator John McCain, as an indication that Obama was interested in the redistribution of wealth and had a socialist view of the economy.

The next thing you know Wurzelbacher was the butt of the liberals, who attempted to minimize the damage that his question caused to the Obama campaign and the party sent Joe Biden to belittle him.

Now forward to the last year or so, when Democratic leaders have done everything possible to get in the face of conservatives. Last year a loud mouth African-American member of Congress was all over the news media with that “get in your face” mentality and what happened. Some nutcase brought a couple of guns to a ball game practice where several Republican members of Congress were practicing and shot up the field. Several were injured with one still recovering from being shot.

Now just a couple of weeks ago, according to a report in the Minneapolis daily newspaper, a special education teacher from Rosemount, Minnesota was put on paid leave after she posted on Twitter… “So whose gonna take one for the team and kill Kavanaugh?” We have been informed that after her post hit the fan, she resigned.

A week ago Hillary Clinton told CNN that Democrats “cannot be civil” with Republicans.

Part of the problem is the liberal colleges, where we pay high tuition to send our children, only to have them brain washed by some left leaning instructor.

And, here in Wisconsin, it is no better. Last week Vice President Mike Pence was in Eau Claire with Governor Scott Walker and I received an email from the Tony Evers campaign asking for a donation and calling the VP a bad name. His email stated that… “we need a grassroots surge of support for Tony’s campaign to show that Wisconsin won’t let Pence’s bigotry win.”

But what is very apparent, is that violence is on the agenda for some people who have a narrow vision, and I feel that we will see its ugly head pop up some time in the near future.

Thanks for reading! ~Carlton

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