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Boyceville Village Board: New meters save time, disturbance at apartment

The Boyceville Village Board learned several interesting items during their regular monthly meeting Monday evening, October 8th.

First they heard from Police Chief Greg Lamkin about an incident at an apartment building, heard from Village Public Works Director Don Rose about the new water meters and the truck parking lot and a short report from Village President Gib Krueger about his meeting with fire chiefs.

During his monthly report to the village board, Chief Lamkin was questioned by Krueger about an item of an incident that happened on September 18th. Lamkin indicated that two ladies, one of whom is 97 years old, were attempting to move a large flower planter in the apartment building when a 57-year-old male approached and offered to help move the planter. He was told they did not need his help and when he continued to persist the 97-year-old lady struck him with her cane.

Lamkin indicated that the investigating officer advised the two parties to stay away from each other. Other information in Lamkin’s report indicated that his department has made a concerted effort to document more of the activities that they have been doing and as a result, “our calls increased about 50 percent to 152 calls in September.” He told the board that they had three mutual aid calls, the most significant was a response to assist Elk Mound Police with a kidnapping and sexual assault investigation, and he gave no other information to the board on that matter.

Both Don Rose and Village Clerk/Treasurer Darlene Lee spoke about the new water meters that were recently installed in the village. Rose noted that the entire village meters were read in an hour and a half. He was questioned how much time that saved and he noted that it took about three days to read all the meters before.

Rose also noted that to come in compliance with the airport rules that he has completed blocking the north half of the truck parking lot off. This item was one of four that needed to be addressed after an inspection by the Bureau of Aeronautics recently. Part of that truck parking lot was in the runway protection zone.

Krueger reported that he had meetings with both the Menomonie and Boyceville Fire Chiefs about the request of the Town of Sherman to withdraw from the Boyceville Fire coverage. He did not say what the results of those meetings were.

Lee reported that she spent two days in a grant training session noting that MSA would be handling the grant for the village, but she was required to get trained.

The village board also had a discussion about the bow hunting of deer that they allow within several areas within the village. Board member Bud Gilbertson noted that they should know where the hunters’ stands are located so village employees are aware of the location just in case they need to be working in that area. Chief Lamkin noted that in the three years that he has been in Boyceville, he had not heard any complaints about the program.

In other action the board approved allowing the Lions Club to put up a donation sign at Pafko Park. Brian Wolff presented the board with a drawing of the sign and where it would be located.

After some discussion, Board member Trudie Chernak moved to spend $792 to install electricity to 1038 Main Street, the location of the community garden. The board heard from Lonna Borgert about what they will use the power for.

And finally the board approved the construction of a new storage shed at Pafko Park. It was noted that the present building was old and in need of repair. The new shed will be a little larger than the present one. 

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