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Off the Editor’s Desk – 10-3-2018

Power hungry politicians! 

Did you watch the circus that unfolded last week in the senate chambers over accusations against the Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh who faced Dr. Christine Blasey Ford who said that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her 36 years ago?

 I watched the entire event as they faced the Senate Judiciary Committee, while Ford had a very detailed line of the happenings that evening many years ago. She remembers some things, but could not remember how she got to the party or when or where it was and she did not remember how she got home, which was eight miles away, after she left the party as a 15-year-old high school girl. It would be very important to know the date to make a defense against the charge.

I felt sorry for the two of them, especially Dr. Ford, as it appeared to me that she was being used by the Democratic Senators on the committee to derail Kavanaugh’s nomination process until after the November election where they hope to regain control of the senate. If the Democratic members of the committee had any compassion for Dr. Ford, they would have held those hearings behind closed doors.

During the hearing last week, Senate Democratic members of the committee kept noting that Dr. Ford had nothing to gain from appearing and bringing forth charges against Kavanaugh. But she does and my staff found 22 GoFundMe accounts that benefit Dr. Ford, and those accounts total more than a million dollars, so she has had a financial gain.

But the dumbest thing that happened was that 85-year-old United States Senator, Dianne Feinstein from California held onto the accusation report from Dr. Ford for two months, while the nomination process was ongoing, and brought it forward only when all other means to stop Kavanaugh’s nomination failed. She sat on the letter hoping some other item would come forward, but there were none and I feel that she had to push forward with her party’s desire to take control of the government. I think that Feinstein knew that there was not the evidence to support those charges.

Right now it is only a, “she said, he said” confrontation on Dr. Ford’s part supported by the Democratic policy of doing anything to stop the nomination process.

Do I have to say anything more to convince everyone that the two parties will not work together for the benefit of the country!

But, another ugly thing that poked its head up during this show was that us old white guys are getting the blame for almost every bad thing that is happening in Washington D.C.

Thanks for reading! ~Carlton

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