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Airport needs are addressed at Boyceville Board meeting

BOYCEVILLE — Boyceville’s Airport Manager, Joel Timblin, appeared before the Village Board Monday evening to discuss the needs of the airport and permission to apply for a grant to fund resurfacing the runway.

Timblin noted to the board that the runway is nearing the end of its life and that the village can apply for a grant to have it resurfaced along with the taxiways. Timblin did not have an exact figure on the cost, but estimated that it might be as high as a million dollars. The money comes from the Federal Government through the state.

He informed the board that the village would have to come up with five percent of the engineering to fund the project. The rest would be covered with a grant. He told the board that the grant application needed to be filed by October 31st. Timblin noted to the board that the resurfacing is a “project that will have to be done regardless of a grant.”

Timblin also brought to the board’s attention about four items that the Bureau of Aeronautics discovered during their resent assessment of the airport.

Those four items make the airport out of compliance with the Bureau, Timblin informed the board. The four items include updating the agreement with the Boyceville Firefighters Association on the use of airport land for their tractor pull. Village President Gib Krueger noted that only a few feet of the tractor pull area is on airport land.

Another item is a review of the airport hanger agreements with individuals, and the agreements must indicate language that the village can take back the leased land at any time for airport improvements. Another item is that part of the truck parking lot off Highway 79 is in the runway protection zone. Timblin indicated that the protection zone is to allow room for an airplane that might run off the end of the runway.

The last item is the event called “Rubber Meets the Runway.” It’s an event held during the Village’s annual Cucumber Celebration. It is where cars can partake in what might be called a drag race on the runway. Timblin noted that only four airports in the state have such events. But it requires the closing of the airport to airplanes during the event and it had no connection with airplanes and apparently the Bureau frowns on any activity at the airport that does not include planes.

The Village Board voted to not allow the Rubber Meets the Runway event at the airport. They also told Timblin to move ahead with the grant application.

Other Board Action

Board member Trudy Chernak questioned other members about several items including the request for electricity and water at the flower park located on Main Street and East Street. She indicated that it would cost $35.00 a month for the electricity, noting that the park could have lights for Christmas and other events.

Police Chief Greg Lamkin reported to the board that they had 99 calls for service last month, which included 31 involving ordinance complaints. He noted that the department had received a $1,010 grant and that they had only minor incidents during Picklefest and that school started with no incidents and that they have been meeting with the school administration team. He also noted that he has begun preparing the Emergency Operations Plan.

Lamkin also updated the board on seven items that the board had requested at a special meeting on August 28th. One of the items was about dog registration. His report noted that a reminder notice was posted on facebook and the Village hall reported eight people came in to obtain their license. Another item was “grass clippings in the street.” His report stated, “We’ve documented three violations and given warnings to those properties, which have complied.”

The board approved an Operator’s license to Chelsey Corbin and Kaitlyn Dickrell. They also approve a Class B Picnic license for the Firefighters Association for the annual Lions Sportsman Banquet on October 6th. 

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