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Boyceville ambulance district still waiting on audit

By LeAnn R. Ralph

BOYCEVILLE —  The Boyceville Community Ambulance District is still waiting for an audit report for 2017.

Matt Feeney, director of the ambulance service, told the Boyceville ambulance district board at the August 15 meeting he had first asked Jonathan Sherwood from CliftonLarsonAllen LLP in February about conducting the annual audit for the ambulance service.

Over the past six months, Feeney said he has sent “numerous” e-mails asking about the audit.

The day before the ambulance district meeting, Feeney said he had even called CliftonLarsonAllen to make sure Sherwood still works for the company.

He does still work there, Feeney said, noting the ambulance district has not yet paid for the audit.

Feeney also noted he had sent the district’s financial information to CliftonLarsonAllen earlier in the year so all of the records would be available to the auditor when he needed them.

State law does not require the ambulance district to have an audit every year, Feeney said.

Still, Feeney said, he likes the idea of an audit because he wants “everything to be done above board.”

Ned Hahn, representative for the Town of Hay River, said the ambulance district board could either “wait and see” or “start with someone else next year.”

If the ambulance district board decided to hire another accounting firm next year to do the audit, then the new auditors could look at two years while they were at it, Feeney said.

The consensus of the ambulance district board was to “wait and see” since they had already been waiting for the audit report most of the year.


The Boyceville ambulance district board has been meeting quarterly rather than monthly.

Chuck Siler, representative for the Town of Tiffany, noted that considering the quarterly meeting schedule, the townships needed the assessment numbers for the ambulance district before the townships could do their own budgets.

The town boards need the budget numbers by October, Siler said, adding he would like to see the ambulance district’s budget in September.

An estimate of the assessment for the ambulance service would be satisfactory for budgeting purposes in the townships, Siler said.

Feeney said one addition to the budget would be a pay increase for Emergency Medical Services staff.

Insurance rates usually increase every year, too, said Gilbert Krueger, chair of the ambulance district board and Boyceville Village President.

Feeney said he would work on the 2019 budget and that he would e-mail the budget to the town clerks by September 5.

Fund balance

According to Feeney’s report, the ambulance district had $96,278 in funds on hand as of August 15.

Accounts receivable included $7,000 for the July collections from Andres Medical Billing, $25 in refunds and $1,400 from doing standby at the Red Cedar Speedway in Menomonie.

Payroll for the period from July 15 to August 15 was $11,891, and the amount of the bills paid was $12,442.

Feeney reported the Boyceville ambulance service now has 19 EMTs on the roster and that the Boyceville ambulance is now called out on fire calls when the Boyceville fire department is called out.

Feeney also reported a new state law allows EMTs to renew their certification every three years instead of every two years.

Doing training every three years will help ambulance services save some money. Each agency must have a training officer, and if the training officer is a state level two instructor, the training can be done in-house, Feeney said.

Boyceville does have state level two instructor, so training can be done in-house instead of sending the EMTs off somewhere for refresher training, he said.

The Boyceville Ambulance District Board meets next on October 10 at 6:30 p.m. at the Boyceville village hall on Charlotte Street. 

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