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Off The Editor’s Desk – 8-1-2018

America is great!

America is great, and the only thing that we have to worry about at this time is whether to use plastic or paper straws.

The traffic from the left has the right of way. How come it is the liberals that get all the breaks?

Jimmy Fallen said, “This fall, Hillary Clinton, is going to guest star on an episode of ‘Madam Secretary’ and if she becomes a big enough TV star, she might have a chance of becoming president.”

America is great and we have created so many rules and regulation that we almost need a permit to go to the bathroom.

If all these rules were in effect in 1776, we all would be living on the east coast.

And who decided that water freezes at 32 degrees? That screw and bolts turn to the right to tighten, righty tighty and lefty loose?

Schools were an important part of our forefathers’ agenda and one of the first public buildings constructed in a new community was the schoolhouse. If they were so important why was it necessary for the state to take over control?

The annual school meeting held in July was an important community meeting and members of the school board were elected at this meeting and it was a meeting that was well attended. The state moved the election of board members to April and now no one attends the annual meeting except those board members or school employees and the press. But it still is an important meeting and the electors can vote on the school budget or vote it down. But, the school board can over ride the vote at the annual meeting.

So far this year, 56 police officers have been killed, 34 by guns. Why is it that the liberals want to take guns away from the police and law-abiding citizens and leave only the bad guys with guns?

Remember, it’s not the gun that kills, it’s the person that pulled the trigger.

The news media was all up in arms about young children being taken away from their parents at the border, but nothing is said about officers taking children away from families that have broken the law in the other states. Is not crossing into our country illegally, not breaking the law?

I traveled to St. Paul several times in July. Roadwork is being done on the Interstate at Hudson and the speed limit is reduced from 70 to 60 miles per hour, why is it that most drivers still are going 75 miles hour in the construction zone? Last Thursday morning I dropped my speed and was almost run over by every vehicle traveling in the construction zone. I especially blame some of the drivers of those 18-wheelers that had to be the first truck to the weigh station in Minnesota that scared the H out of me.

Just ask one of the construction workers that spend the entire day improving our highways how much danger they are in. I wonder if they get combat pay?

Thanks for reading! ~Carlton

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