Off The Editor’s Desk – 7-25-2018

Talking to your foe is OK!

President Trump last week had a sit down visit with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Leaders in the Democratic Party urged him not to talk with Putin and then called Trump a traitor after he held a meeting in Helsinki, Finland.

What can the harm be of a sit down meeting of the two leaders to discuss matters of concerns? The left apparently would like to see hostilities develop between the two countries rather than giving Trump some credit for his efforts.

More than thirty years ago, President Ronald Reagan was in West Berlin and delivered a speech in which is uttered the words that lowered the barrier between the United States and Russia. That simple six word statement said; “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.”

Reagan and Gorbachev became friends and visited at each other’s homes, and the tension between the two countries was at a very low level. Then, along came Clinton and things changed for the worse and did not get any better with Bush or Obama. In fact, things have been getting worse over the last decade.

Trump and Putin sitting down to talk is a great thing and relations between the two of us may get better, and if they don’t, all I can say is Trump tried.

I read a piece penned by Columnist Timothy Daughtry that I would like to print a small part of, as it fits right into what the Soviet Union was all about.

“American teenagers march in the streets to gut or eliminate the Second Amendment, and our youth are increasingly comfortable with socialism. Conservative speakers are harassed and physically threatened on college campuses. Our national borders are being worn away despite popular demands for border security, much of what passes for news is filtered and packaged to support the leftist agenda.

“Does it still look like we won the Cold War?

“The Soviet Union might have died in 1991, but the intellectual and moral virus that killed it (The Marxist worldview) has spread to the United States and is wearing away our defense against socialist tyranny.

“It is not necessary to find hordes of card-carrying communists in order to recognize the threat of Marxism in America culture and politics. Worldviews, including our views of government and political issues, are not so much the product of conscious deliberation as of cultural immersion, and so it is possible for people to learn to see society and politics through a Marxist lens without ever realizing it.

“And the importance of cultural immersion was the great insight of the Cultural Marxists beginning in the 1920s. Marxists intellectuals such a Antonio Gramsci realized that the deep values of Judeo-Christian culture stood in the way of enlisting people in violent revolution. It was hard to enlist people in a violent struggle of class, against class, if their worldview saw people as morally responsible individuals and not as faceless numbers of an economic or demographic class. National identity and patriotism stood in the way of uniting Karl Marx’s ‘workers of the world’ to overthrow the capitalist system. Belief in God and timeless principles of right and wrong stood in the way of the materialist worldview and its moral relativism.

“And so Gramsci and other Marxist writers envisioned a ‘long march’ through the cultural institutions of the West, beginning with the universities. The primary tactic was Critical Theory, the relentless assault upon the intellectual and moral foundations of Western culture. If Marxist ideas about economics, the family, religion, and society in general could gain dominances in the universities, those ideas would eventually follow graduates into other cultural institutions such as public education, the news media, and entertainment.”

If you don’t think that is not happening now, just how many attended church last Sunday?

Thanks for reading! ~Carlton 

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