From the Mayor’s Desk- 7-4-2018

Many of you may have read in last week’s Tribune Press Reporter the announcement indicating the Glenwood City Council has approved allowing for the operation of all-terrain vehicles (ATV’s) upon all city roadways if the posted speed limit is 35 MPH of less.

This will encompass most of the roadways in the city. Yes, this will allow for riding and parking ATV’s on Oak (Main) Street.

All ATV operators shall observe posted roadway speed limits. All ATV operators shall have liability insurance on their machine and carry proof on their persons. All ATV operators shall ride single file. All ATV operators shall yield to pedestrians and all other vehicular traffic.

All ATV operators shall slow the vehicle to 10 MPH or less when operating within 150 feet of a dwelling.

The vast majority of the city roadways are indeed within 150 feet of a dwelling. Thus, most ATV traffic should be operating at 10 MPH or less.

Safe riding everyone! 

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