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Off The Editor’s Desk – 5-23-2018

Not Again?

What is causing our kids to take guns and bombs to school and commit mass murder? I think the cause might be what we watch at the movies, television and video games. I firmly believed that it is not the guns that we have grown up with, but what we allow our children to be indoctrinated with by watching the violence on the screen.

A piece on line indicated that the 17-year-old shooter in Texas last week was a victim of bullying, but some of the info you get on line is not factual, so I will wait and see what drove him to kill ten people including eight of his classmates.

I looked over the television guide off our cable system last week and found the word violence used many times to describe the shows on the schedule.

Natalia Castro, a contributing editor at Americans for Limited Government put it this way:

“Once again, our country has been struck by tragedy, and the left is using the tragedy as an opportunity to promote an anti-gun agenda. Now more than ever it is important that the American people look to the facts and not rhetoric to prevent our rights from being infringed. The reality surrounding the recent school shooting at the Santa Fe High School in Texas is that no gun laws could have prevented this tragedy. Using emotion to enact gun control laws will only limit our rights without solving the real problems at hand.”

When I grew up television was in its infancy and only in black and white and Friday nights it was the western show at the movie theatre. We called it cowboys and Indians and the weapon was a six-shooter that shot a hundred rounds without reloading. BUT, there were no holes in any person, no blood spilled.

At school there was a lot of bullying and yes we brought guns to school, in the trunk of our car. But no one shot up the school.

Today police detective shows are very popular on television and most open with a dead body in a pool of blood on the screen. What should we expect from someone that is a little disturbed and has been alienated by his or her peers and spends time watching these shows or plays video game where you get points for killing, not to do something terrible.

I am afraid to say this, but we live in a world that promotes violence, and this shooting menace will continue.

I am not just putting this on to kids, but we have also seen adults go on a shooting spree. I wish I had a simple answer, but I don’t and it seems that there are more questions than answers.

We must help those that need help, get it for them before they do something bad.

Thanks for reading!     ~ Carlton 

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