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Glenwood City music students perform at state Solo & Ensemble

Thousands of students headed to various locations across the state in the past few weeks for their opportunity to perform in a Wisconsin School Music Association (WSMA) State Music Festival – one of the largest student events of its kind in the nation.

More than 32,000 student musicians took part in WSMA State Music Festivals. Several universities hosted festivals on Saturday, April 28, including UW-Milwaukee, UW-Oshkosh, UW-Platteville and UW-Whitewater. On Saturday, May 5, festivals were held at Cardinal Stritch University, UW-Eau Claire, UW-Green Bay, UW-Parkside, Viterbo, and UW-Stevens Point.

In order to participate in the State Music Festivals, students must first earn a “starred first” rating in Class A (the most difficult music) at a WSMA District Music Festival, hosted by schools for students in grades 6-12. Students can select from a variety of instrumental and vocal solo and ensemble categories for their performances. Over 225 district festivals were held in Wisconsin during the past six months, involving more participants than any other student activity in the state.

Wisconsin School Music Association Rating Formula:

I EXCELLENT consistently outstanding

II VERY GOOD Very good performance with only minor shortcomings

III GOOD demonstrating accomplishment but lacking in several essential qualities

IV FAIR numerous weaknesses and/or errors

V POOR lacking in fundamental aspects of performance

Glenwood City results:

I ratings

• Liz Wink – Musical Theatre Solo

• Liz Wink – Alto Solo

• Anna Brigham/Olivia Scalze/Hanna Strehlo/Maggie Wallin – SSAA Quartet

• Anna Brigham/Tressa Peskar/Olivia Scalze/Maggie Wallin/Liz Wink/Mariah Voeltz-SSA Ensemble

• Liz Wink/Mariah Voeltz/Andi Jo Britton/MaKayla O’Brien/Biri Mendez/Emily Hill/Melina Schultz/Kim Spaeth/Emma Scholler/Darcy Peabody/Alex Holldorf – Senior Girls Ensemble

• Hanna Strehlo/Maggie Wallin/Olivia Scalze/Tressa Peskar/Anna Brigham/Michaela Nyhus/Ashley Peterson/Morgan Lee/Erin Davis/Gabby Gluege/Rebecca Peterson/Kennedy Miller – Junior Girls Ensemble

• Dillon Hierlmeier/Stevie Olson/Jake Nadeau/Peter Hill/Hadin DeSmith/Nolan Stodola/Ethan Kahler/Gavin Samp/Tanner Davis/Riley Schutz – Junior/Senior Boys


• Saxophone Choir – Liz Wink, Leah Magsam, Morgan Lee, Hanna Strehlo, Will Eggert, Logan Bazille, Jacob Forrest, Aiden Howard, Wyatt Thompson, Isabel Draxler, Jabin Hojem, Collin Schone, Dillon Hierlmeier

II ratings

• Mae Buttles/ Isabelle Arbuckle – Soprano/Alto Duet

• Nyah Anderson/Leah Magsam/ Ally Motz/ Kaitlin Lee – SSAA Quartet

• Dillon Hierlmeier – Baritone Solo

• Isabel Draxler – Piano solo

• Brass Choir – Owen Wagner, Ethan Kahler, Matt Bauman, Daimen Shaleen, Jacky Vang, Alex Holldorf, Emily Hill, Riley Schutz, Riley Berends, Jack Hindes, Kennidi Miller, Gavan Janson, Andy Grant, Ally Motz, Tom Rosenow, Hadin DeSmith, Mae Buttles, Brad Kessler, Will Owen, Tanner Davis, Delanie Fayerweather, Nicholas Melendrez, Cody Weeks

• Tressa Peskar – Flute solo

WSMA has a strong history of offering programs and services (i.e., state solo and ensemble festivals, state honors music projects, state marching band championships, student composition project, etc.) that help youth achieve excellence through music. The organization is headquartered in the new Wisconsin Center for Music Education – first of its kind in the nation, located in Waunakee.

To learn more about WSMA and State Music Festivals, visit WSMA State Music Festival information will be posted as available on the festival web pages . Schedules and results will be searchable by school, student and event number.

Wisconsin School Music Association is a service organization with more than 950 member public and private schools. Last year, over 219,000 students took the initiative to become involved in WSMA activities, including District and State Music Festivals, State Honors Projects, State Marching Band Championships and Concert Festivals. WSMA is headquartered in, owns and operates the Wisconsin Center for Music Education – first of its kind in the nation.

The organization is governed by a board of directors made up of superintendents, principals

and other officers from all over the state. WSMA believes music is a basic human need and that all children have the right to experience all that music offers.