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Glenwood City MS/HS Top 10 list – 5-2-2018

Glenwood City MS/HS 
Top 10 List
April 23 – May 7, 2018

1. JATELYN JOHNSON for doing extremely well on her Gatsby test!

2. DAKOTA DEAN-IMMERMAN for doing extremely well on his Gatsby test!

3. ANTHONY NELSON, JUSTIN FRANSEN, ELIZA VOELTZ, AND DEVYN OLSON for their historical episode writing. 

4. BELLA LAWSON AND ALINA SPISTER for getting 98% on last Algebra 2 Quiz.

5. IZZY DRAXLER for being the only student member of the pit orchestra for the high school musical.

6. EMMA LAMB on auditioning for the Wisconsin Middle Level Honors Band & Orchestra.  She will find out results in May.

7. ASHLEE PETERSON for being willing to help take care of the greenhouse every weekend!

8. DILLON HIERLMEIER AND MAGGIE WALLIN for doing such a wonderful job as TAP students for K-2 Music.

9. 7TH GRADE SPANISH EXPLORATORY CLASS for doing a fantastic job on their country slide presentations. They used their work time wisely and have turned in great work!

10. THE CAST AND CREW OF HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL for their hard work and effort to make the show a great success.