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Glenwood City business students and DECA members tour US Bank Stadium

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Thirty-five business students/DECA members (along with chaperones Mrs. Hentz and Ms. Devery) received a ninety-minute guided tour through US Bank Stadium in downtown Minneaqpolis on Wednesday, April 18, 2018.

This tour provided the students with behind-the-scenes access to the new home of the Minnesota Vikings. Students discovered the inner workings of US Bank Stadium including premium clubs and suites, the Thomson Reuters Press Level, stadium art collection, team locker room, and field access!

An emphasis of the tour was on sustainability and how the stadium is involved in minimizing its energy, water, and waist rates. Sales Account Executives from the management company SMG also provided a presentation on careers within US Bank Stadium, the importance of teamwork, volunteering and taking internships to help grow professionally, along with an outline of their specific job responsibilities. 

The lunch destination was D-Spot in Oakdale, MN. D-Spot claims to be world famous for their 100 varieties of chicken wing flavors! D-Spot is family owned and operated and is currently looking to expand locations to meet the demand of its customers. Owner Darin Koch spoke to the group about the challenges and opportunities of business ownership in the restaurant industry. 

Below are comments from some of the students that attended.

“It was interesting hearing about all the different career opportunities at the stadium. I didn’t realize it took so many people working behind the scenes to ensure that stadium events are successful.” ~Makayla O’Brien

“I was really surprised by the number of events the stadium hosts. I really enjoyed being able to see the different suites and actually walking out onto the field!” ~Emma Scholler 

“I didn’t realize the importance of internships when determining your career. I also walked away with the understanding that it’s not always just about what you know, it is who you know.” ~Riley Schutz

“Our trip to US bank was a great experience to have, as a group of kids in business classes. Not only did we get to be in the newest and best stadium in the US but we learned all of the business aspects and everything that goes on behind the scenes of each game and event.” ~ Ethan Hanson